Sunday, 27 January 2008

...and another Meme.

Sorry dudes , dudettes and non dudally specifics but I will not be tagging people, simply because I cannot ; tag me all you wish but , and I don't know if you've noticed, I am not a member of the blogging community like the rest of you who meet up, attend this , that and the other together...I don't know anyone !!! To be honest this tagging lark is a bit inadvertently thoughtless - especially for those on the periphery who feel left out enough as it is .

I stack shelves, come home, look after the kids, read, type a bit at my PC and sleep...

what's more certain bloggers have made it quite clear that my face doesn't fit in certain circles ; and God bless them for their candour ; I'm sorry that I'm not a professional or a cleric or a rich lay busybody who's interested in maniples and gothic arches or conjugating latin verbs or which archdeacon is the second cousin to which monsignor; but what the hey - I'll keep doing what I do....and they can do what they wish.
God bless them but some of us do feel pretty isolated ; yet we're all on the same side...

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people. [reluctantly and regrettably ignored]

It was plain to Percy Pilbeam that whoever was doing it was of the female sex, which is celebrated, when on the telephone, for never allowing the party of the second part to get a word in edgeways. He noted the slow drooping of his companion's jaw and the look of dismay that came into his eyes. An able diagnostician , he had no difficulty in deducing that Biff was being properly told off by some unseen lady friend, and if he had had a heart, it would have probably bled for him.

[P.G. Wodehouse "Frozen Assets"]


gemoftheocean said...

Paulie, don't take on so. Before I read this post I had in mind to tag you for an even newer book me. So, if you wish, I'd be delighted if you did a post on this one.

yet another book meme.

I'd do the meme you posted, but I'd done it last week. I almost tagged YOU then, but I was in a rush and your blog takes long to load.

Dear man, you ARE "part of the blogging community. But I guess it has devolved upon me to tell you your page takes forever and a day to load. For whatever reasons only the blog-gods know, the cream paper and the patterned brown background looks very nice, but whomever uses it always has slower loading page.
[Adrienne and WSNS also take longer to load.] try shortening the number of posts on your front page and you have an awful lot of picture cachingaderas on the side, which also on my dial up take forever. This afternoon I loaded your whole page and it literally took 15 minutes before it said "done." Usually I let it kinda "spin its wheels" for about 2 minutes then I hit stop and then Ctrl-A so I can read the text. The only one I know who uses the same template who's blog doesn't take long to load is Fr. Boyle's parish blog, and I suspect he's managed (inadvertantly or otherwise) to keep the load time down by not having many sidebar pics. and the number of posts on the page isn't a lot.

Hey, kiddo, and don't forget to do a few "drive bys" yourself!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Paul, I am in a quiet corner of blogland too. I don't get many hits compared to the big guns-but I don't mind. I do know what you mean about that feeling of not being quite invited to the party-but I have made friends here in the corner-and I have grown rather fond of you.

I am interested to see what Karen says about the blog loading time-and think I will have to correct that.

I run a wordpress blog for my homeschooling 'Thinking Love, No Twaddle' which has even less traffic than WSNS.

Don't worry if some people get full of their own blogimportance. I've seen that-it's a bit weird really.

I have been cutting'n'pasting the novel so I can read it in order on Word. Is that okay?
I am sorry the prologue is gone. Perhaps as you write it will come back to you.
And have you seen - You could do something with your writing and artwork...

God bless

Joyful Catholic said...

I'm a Jeeves & Wooster fan. Does comedy get better than that team? I think not. Hugh is perfect as Dr. House. Wooster/House...quite the opposite ends of the spectrum.

As for the blogosphere...I'm not up there in hits either. I've had trouble with these 'awards' being passed around. I got a couple, and thanked the senders, but I felt weird about it. I don't like the 'blogimportance' that I've seen here and there. I am going to take 40 days away from my main blog for Lent and read BOOKS and go to Adoration during the time I'd be otherwise blogging. My poetry blog is all that I'll post on, just because poems and ponderings I like to keep journaling. It's almost like a new angst for folks, this blogging. Running home to see if anyone commented and then feeling like crap when there's "no unmoderated comments found" We're all too damnn full of ourselves really, aren't we?

Adoro said...

You know, I read "A Tale of Two Cities" both in Jr. High (or was it High School?), and I bought it when I was working nights. A classic.

I will forever rememer both the beginning and the ending. (It was the best of was the worst of times...) and (It is a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done. It is a far, far, better place I go than I have ever gone.)

Anyway, since you don't tag and I'm a geek with books all around, I'm going to tag myself.

The Handbook of Christian Apologetics:

"Three forms of the problem of evil must be distinguished:

1. It may be claimed that any evil disproves and all-good God
2. Or it may be claimed that the amount of evil, the superfluity and needlessness ad pointlessness of much evil, disproves God

3. or it may be claimed that the unjust distribution of evil disproves God--not that bad things happen or even that so many bad things happen, but that they happen to good people as much as to bad people.