Sunday, 13 January 2008

As Sunday is the Day of Rest - Treat yourself to a quiz !

The word quiz was invented in 1780 by a Dublin theatre manager who made a bet he could introduce a new word into the english language within 24hrs.
Come on Dudes, Dudettes and Non-Dudally Specifics. I lay down the gauntlet...get those little grey cells gyrating. No, seriously you're going to need to google. This is very, very tough.

1. Who coined the word "Dude" ? [duds with attitude] [you'll be surprised !]

2. The Y stands for Yoshida, but where do you find the Y ? [clue: three letters ; and men are less likely to need help looking for it]

3. MacDonald's had to withdraw a promotional football [soccer] world cup item during the nineties beause it was offensive to Allah and outraged Muslims - If another country was involved it would cause the same problem to Jews and Christians - which country ?

4. In England in the eighteenth century what highly unusual form of unworldly insurance could be taken out [Hint : You could possibly claim it if you went to Norway]?

5. What is highly unusual about subtracting four from any square number ? For a bonus point what is special about 142,857 ?

6. Pity Me , Blubberhouses, Wham, Ireland , Nasty, Tiddleywink - What am I doing ?

7. What links William Blake, Sir Winston Churchill, John Lennon and William Roche [Ken Barlow from Coronation Street] ?

8. [you'll need a map for this one] True story : I went on a journey from where I lived to buy some bread - I saw washington in the distance ,but didn't want to go to warsaw, so instead I passed through corsica and st petersburg ,I got splashed in paint that didn't stain,went through clay that didn't get me dirty ,I missed victory, travelled to and away from center , watched prospect pass by in the distance and I looked backwards to see forwards - valencia was minutes away due south - where was I ? [Hint : My friend's ancestor was remembered ahead and if you've seen stigmata you'll know where it is but I know David Bowie was right because I've seen it from where I stood ] ?

9. Unlike Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism etc ,The Todas religion of Southern India hasn't spread very far across the world - why ?

10. Why would the french ever: "go and take this old whisky to the fair-haired judge smoking the havana cigar" ? For a bonus point what has Tom Sawyer to do with this ?

11. For Judy Garland it was horses, Princess Margaret - dolls, Ernest Hemmingway - telephones, Queen Elizabeth I - roses ; so why didn't Alfred Hitchcock obtain a driving licence ?

12. Oliver Cromwell banned it on Sundays ; Indians rioted about it in 1978, Americans campaigned to stop doing it in 1909 , but forced the japanese to do it after world war II, and guidarello guarderelli's memory inspired five million - what ?

13. Flop , Jaws, Sniggerer and Wombat greet each other on Christmas day - where are they ? For a linking bonus point what connects Dame Barbara Cartland, Basil Rathbone, General Colin Powell, President Richard Nixon and Tv presenter Adam Hart-Davis ?

14. What links the great seal of the United states with the flag of the Phillipines ?

15. Why is the chinese word for 'trouble' not exactly politically correct ?

16. What is unusual about the Book of Esther ? And in the same vein the Acts of the Apostles ?

17. So the wacky 19th century legend goes - When Herod's troops were hunting down the Christ child - the holy family had to hide in a doorway to rest overnight - spiders wove a web over the doorway and the northwind froze it solid - and the soldiers on horseback passed by, oblivious to them .... What symbolizes this event at christmas ?

18. Latin and the Periodic table don't have one - but if a stellar object is discovered between the 1st and 15th of May it has to have one, Pirandello introduced it to Italy , if it's a precious metal and made in Hamburg it has to have one, it's the nickname of the psychedelic 3,4-methylenedioxy-alpha-ethyl-phenethylamine. What is it ?

19. A set of Dante questions :
a] The Horse is linked with which sin ?
b] Which sin was punished with being immersed in freezing water ?
c] Which Sin was punished with being broken on a wheel ?
d] Who is the Demon of Lust and marital discord ?
e] Leviathan the Demon Snake represents which deadly sin ?
f] Satan represents which of the seven deadly sins ?

20. Who said "These are silly actions worthy of inexperienced children." ? And to what was he referring ?


Anonymous said...

Where are the answers???

On the side of the angels said...

Answers ? That would take away all the fun ! No, I'll print them in a few days to give some people a chance...Competitive bunch on the blogosphere dude...

Ttony said...

A superb quiz!

I'm ashamed to say that the only one I can do is No 17. The "T" word.

One for a weekend, the Internet, and some reference books.

the mother of this lot said...

I think I've got four up to now.

1. Didn't have much to declare.

7. Pretty sure St. Patrick had a run in with this lot.

17. Not on my tree, thank you!

18. 10th letter.

I may be back!

By the way, fantastic post on Holy Smoke - 'He hears the whisper...Ratzinger...Ratzinger...!

the mother of this lot said...

Oops, forgot! Think I've got 20 as well, but can't think of a way of answering without a spoiler except:

C to A, it's a three way thing - or not, depending on your point of view.

On the side of the angels said...

Most excellent !!!!
everything answered so far has been spot on ! Thankyou for the extra hints as answers [well apart from 18 [yes dudes it's J] - most subtle of you - I had to think twice on a coupe to realise you're more informed than I am off the top of my head...
Glad you've had a go - but seriously you'll kick yourself at a couple of them - you probably touch the Y-- daily...

Will leave it around for about another week without answers
but pass it on please !!!

[p.s. my daughter got 7 of them right - because she's one of those 12 year olds who know this sort of thing - and she knew where I used to live so it was easy to find]

On the side of the angels said...

oh , and thanks motl - just went a bit florid - caffeine overdose...

the mother of this lot said...

Last ditch attempt:

9. How to get the message across?

10a) 1-26
b) someone had to be first

13a) Somewhere in Norfolk?

16a) Don't mention it!
b) No idea - re-establishment?
a new beginning?

5 Stuff that, I'm uselass at

Good fun, but the others are too hard for me!

the mother of this lot said...

...and spelling, apparently!
Brain too worn out from this quiz to spell 'useless'. Sums up my life really!

On the side of the angels said...

brilliant motl !
as for 16b [what is 16a also known as ? that's what's missing]
surprised anyone got 13a
nine right so far - that's brilliant !!!
sure you don't wish to go for double figures ?

the mother of this lot said...

The Y - Got it!
2. I wish my kids mouths had one (actually one each). That took some finding.

15. Like Barbara Castle and Margaret Thatcher living in the same house?

16b) Well, that was my first thought, actually, because of Barbara Cartland, and I can connect Adam H-D, but not the others.

Please don't throw don't any more gauntlets. I've got a home to run you know!

Please come over and answer the homework question. (And don't put anything fancy - the other readers have only got normal IQs!)