Thursday, 3 January 2008

Belated Workstation Meme

So where am I right now ? Take a look !

....The Christmas Tree [ at 33% intensity] - The angel lights blew a fuse ! previous to this it was so bright satellites could pick it up - I think we were in danger of a Boeing 747 attempting to land on the house !!!!

Our Mantlepiece - The family all like Greek Myths - The statue is Morpheus - the Sandman [King of Dreams] - The Busts are of Aristotle and Hermes - The central paperweight is a big bit of Amethyst. In the mirror on the bookcase is a gargoyle ; and to the right is a Japanese Washi printed with kanji local legislations and moral codes.

The Workstation [excuse the mess] : where I've practically lived recently [the reason for which I'll reveal later]; surrounded with favourite books [histories,philosophy, poetry, classics,19th century European Novels etc], dozens of wooden puzzles [up to 76 now!] , chinese dragon statue, little greek urns, Egyptian god statues , piece of the Berlin Wall etc - No the skull isn't real - it's actually a candle [a gift from Jamie] The tiny black star in front of the green book to the left is an authentic Ninja throwing star from the Japanese Ninja house - so Burglars Beware !

Blurry photo but the kids thought it would be a laugh to add extra computer keys:
The Buttons are : Panic, Panic Over & Eject Seat.

A Unique Japanese Washi [soft Mulberry 'paper'] Wallcovering - painted for us by a Centenarian Buddhist Monk in Japan - gaze at it long enough at it seems to come to life - flames folding over each looks completely different depending upon the time of day.

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