Saturday, 5 January 2008

Finally..found it again... The Hilariter Blog

This was like the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant - A blog I'd experienced only once; and
a problem with this poxy windows vista made its bookmark vanish and it became virtually impossible to find -especially as the Reverend Blogger has no idea how to stay in one place at a time - go to study at Rome and travel the world !!!. If you guess who he is [and it doesn't need great intellect to] please keep it to yourself - if you want a truthful sincere blogger with the freedom to opine on things ecclesiastical - please respect the pseudo-anonymity - but I urge you pester this individual to write and comment on his blog - he has a vast amount of talents that should be utilised more than they are at present. Frs Ray, Tim, John etc will confirm his shibboleth. As a member of the Faith Movement he should be doing a lot more for the catholic blogosphere !

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