Monday, 7 January 2008

For a change - a bloody good film !

I've been so bitterly disappointed recently at the current bunch of films everyone has been raving about.

Zodiac bored me rigid , Spiderman 3 was terrible, St Trinian's was awful , The Simpsons simply wasn't funny enough and why in the name of all sanity did they make Beowulf sound like Reggie Kray ?

Then along comes the sequel to the Russian Blockbustering bestseller "Nightwatch" ;

Daywatch is so good I refuse to comment on it ; except to say you simply MUST watch both these films . The Daywatch DVD is out on 28th January.

[I'm not exactly sure how legal it is; but both are available to watch on one's p.c. via {you may need to download the Veoh TV attachment - but it's perfectly safe and quick} ]

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