Sunday, 6 January 2008

Fourteen ??? Where did all the time go ?

Well the eldest of my progeny - Jamie Corwin Listener Seraphim Harkins-Priest managed to survive his first year of teen-hood without having his head shoved down the lavatory or the contents of his bedroom burnt on a pyre on the front lawn [threats made regarding his language and dystopian style of tidying his room] Video games, DVDs , a ring and necklace and a factory set of the Illuminati collectable card game - he made out like a bandit !

Still, as one of the most thoughtful, responsible and loving kids I've ever known - I hit my knees and thank God I've been graced with such a terrific son - all I can hope is that at nearly 6ft already he gets a paper round soon to help pay for his clothes and shoes !

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Anonymous said...

Only got the girls to that stage..looking forward to the boys!