Sunday, 6 January 2008

His Holiness Speaks out....

Pope Benedict XVI has called for people to adopt a 'sober lifestyle' and to commit to the 'equal distribution of wealth' to combat the negative effects of globalisation.

'Globalisation is not synonymous with world order, far from it,' said the pope during his address on the theme of 'just and durable development', at the Epiphany mass in the St Peter Basilica.

'It is clear that only the adoption of a sober lifestyle, accompanied by a genuine commitment to a more equitable distribution of wealth, can bring about a just and durable order of development,' he added.

'For that to happen, there is a need for men of hope and courage,' he said.

In this context he saluted 'the courage of three wise Kings who undertook an epic voyage following a star to kneel before an infant and offer him their most precious gifts.'

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