Sunday, 6 January 2008

If anything does happen - we'll know the guilty parties !

Now from a third source I've heard that the knives are out for a certain
Editor-in-Chief of a certain Catholic newspaper...

All this while the Peppermint Spinster and her Poison Pill entourage ; together
with all the sycophants at the CT and the Universe - get away with either the blue bloody murder of heterodoxy and character assassination bordering on treason ; or downright blatant negligence and irresponsibility....

To all those out there in the shadows with nefarious plots afoot to remove one of the only decent catholic spokesman we have left in the country - remember we know what you are about - plus the dagger of malice has a sharp handle !


JARay said...

Well, I did do as I said I would OTSOTA. I have sent the Admin of TotalCatholic a personal message telling them that you seem to have been blocked from registering and posting. We can only wait and see if anything does happen. I must confess to bothering less about TC and my regulars are The Hermeneutic of Continuity and St. Mary Magdalen Brighton, together with The Cafeteria is Closed and the Trad Lit Movement. There are others which I look at from time to time also. I know Ttony from his postings on TC but he doesn't seem to post there any more. His is The Muniment Room.
John Rayner,

Ttony said...

OTSOTA, if you are really keen on getting a TotalCatholic account, e-mail me at and I'll suggest a way of doing so. There are two other, much nicer, forums, though, and you'll reach a much wider audience by blogging. (Though if it's instant feedback that you are really after, the forums are the place to go.)