Friday, 4 January 2008

...if you're passing through ?

Why not nip over and say "Hi " to Young Oliver over on the 'Expectation of Our Lady' blog ?

Deep insight into the ins and outs of the Birmingham Little Oratory choir - and more !


the mother of this lot said...

This is unrelated to this post but is related to the Holy Smoke post about the new Archbishop. Salford is my diocese - how on earth do you know who the vocations secretary at Salford is? Are you simply the most well-informed Catholic in England? I just about know the PP in the next parish! There is no sarcasm here, you just never fail to impress me!

Oliver Hayes said...

Young Oliver? I may look young but I'm barely younger than you, and like you I'm a failure and waste of space. As a favour I've put you as a link on my new blog.

On the side of the angels said...

mother - I'm not informed in the slightest - I used to live across the hall from Fr Kay in seminary - he's hyper-efficient, an excellent singer and musician, and has probably one of the most beautiful and empathic souls on the planet - ask any of those who go on his Lourdes pilgrimages.

Oliver, I'm forty in six months so unless you have a portrait in the attic I doubt if you're anywhere near my age - you sing , compose and spend your life praising God - failure would be absent from anyone's vocabulary when describing you - even from the most ardent atheist.

Will add both of you fine personages to the link list when the broadband's working more quickly. In the meantime please don't be strangers !