Saturday, 5 January 2008

Pope Fires a Shot Across the Bow of the Archdiocese of Milan

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

As most readers know, the Archdiocese of Milan has formally forbidden
celebration according to the ancient Ambrosian Rite, the historical
rite of Milan, despite the Pope's July proclamation of freedom for all
priests to celebrate the Traditional Roman Rite. Incredibly, without
any consultation with Rome, the Milan Archdiocese decreed that the
document did not apply to them, since they traditionally didn't use
the Tridentine Missal. Well officials in Rome were not happy with that

Now it appears as if the Pope is ready to take some serious action
about the matter, or at least that he wishes to send a powerful signal
that he is not happy with the disobedience.

It may be recalled by some how Msgr. Gianni Ambrosio of the Catholic
University of the Sacred Heart in Milan braved the ire of Archdiocesan
officials and announced on October 11 of last year that he was going
to celebrate an "Extraordinary Form" Mass "in spirit of obedience to
the Sovereign Pontiff Benedict XVI."
This was well reported on at the
time by the New Liturgical Movement.

Well, it almost slipped under the radar (at least under my radar) that
the Pope has rewarded this act of obedience by Msgr. Ambrosio, and in
doing so has sent a clear message to the Archdiocese of Milan. On
December 22, the announcement was made by the Vatican that the Pope
appointed Msgr. Ambrosio as Bishop of the Diocese of Piacenza - Bobbio.

Here is the announcement from VIS from December 28:

Appointed Msgr. Gianni Ambrosio of the clergy of the archdiocese
of Vercelli, Italy, general ecclesiastical assistant to the Catholic
University of Milan, as bishop of Piacenza - Bobbio (area 3,715,
population 290,000, Catholics 269,000, priests 348, permanent deacons
37, religious 414), Italy. The bishop-elect was born in Santhia, Italy
in 1943 and ordained a priest in 1968.
{What this report forgets is Bishop Ambrosio's academic prowess and his vociferous condemnation of French catholicism's conspiracy with Secularism - as symbolised in the Cubic arch opposite Notre Dame}

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