Saturday, 26 January 2008

Re: Novel [don't groan please !!]

Although having yet failed to re-compose the lost prologue [my memory seems to have been wiped - sorry it's going to take another few days ] ; I have added a further chapter to the one printed here on a new blogsite ; dedicated to the whole thing [I know it must have disappointed or bored many of you rigid - and for that I apologize because I kinda like it ] anyway if any of you care to read it the address is :

I also had an accident last night - while throwing the shopping in the car all too hastily in the dark I walked into the raised boot door and the corner of it made a massive gash in my skull - the blood flowed like crazy and freaked out the poor women behind the store counter from whom I begged reams of kitchen roll to staunch the blood while I returned home. After a handful of painkillers and awaking to a blood red pillow I attempted to clean the congealed mass that was once my hair - the gash isn't exactly that bad - only two inches long so I don't suppose they would have stitched it had I gone to hospital [I was in a lot of pain and simply could not have faced the many hours waiting in that dire A & E wing]. Anyway sleep seems to have worked wonders - in the past twenty hours I've been awake for only two of them...I'm lucky Nicky and the Kids have gone to her mother's for the day otherwise I'd have had little rest....

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