Saturday, 5 January 2008

Shuffle Meme

[Not my faves - just first twelve after it was randomised from the Ipod shuffle - have included videos for those with them readily available on the t'interweb]

1. Design for Life [Manic Street Preachers]

2. River Man [Nick Drake]

3. Somewhere Only We Know [Keane]

4. Chasing Cars [Snow Patrol]

5. Time is Running Out [Muse]

6. Pure Morning [Placebo]

7. I Don't Love You [My Chemical Romance]

8. Anoint [The Field Mice]

9. The Lonely Spy [Laurie and the Chameleons]

10. Here's where the Story ends [The Sundays]

11. Tattva [Kula Shaker]

12. Ohne Dich [Rammstein]

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