Monday, 7 January 2008

Thanks Fr Mildew....

For being one of the very few who participated in Fr Michael Clifton's Christmas Quiz [Come on dudes and dudettes !!! Fr Mildew spends a lot of time and effort compiling his quizzes - a few minutes of your time joining in will not hurt !!!!] ; I won a copy of His Holiness's 'most excellent' book : Jesus of Nazareth.

I know I'm probably one of the last in the blogging community to read it ; but let me say that even after a few pages it is phenomenal ! Pope Benedict, in the most charitable and informed of ways, sweeps aside decades of excruciating, irrational, heterodox, unhistorial 'ascending Christology' in one fell swoop ! Only expenditure prevents me jumping on the next plane to use this book to beat my old Christology lecturer about the head - For a whole six months I had to endure the inane ramblings regarding the 'Jesus who became Christ' - who didn't know he was God, who never said he was God, who didn't rise bodily from the Dead, who didn't perform any miracles except 'being there with the truth' for his neighbour !!! - Yes it was pure unadulterated heresy but this was the late '80s where that kind of thing was utterly acceptable. Anyway I hope Fr D.L. manages to read this book and makes his way to the confessional ; and possibly returns to study ???

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