Thursday, 10 January 2008

Want to promote Life-saving research and save the lives of the Unborn ? How about some fine wine or the best chocolates in the galaxy ?

Ok, I am coming clean : This is a plug ; a whopping plug for all those who live in the US. If there is one person on the planet whose intellect and talent I envy beyond anyone - it is Jeremy Pitt-Payne. Had he remained in Seminary it is perfectly feasible, if not absolutely axiomatic, that this man would have become at least a Bishop in these fair isles.
God chose otherwise and called him to be one of the US's staunchest defenders of catholic morality and the sanctity of life ; as well as a loving husband and father of six . His book on Natural Family Planning and Life and Catholic Sexual Morality is not only the exemplary work on the issues - it's a diamond mine of reassurance and reasoned confirmation that our stance on Life and Human Lovemaking is a manifestation of the Love and Truth in the Person of Christ. Jeremy pulls no punches and on occasion it is uncomfortable, challenging reading in the manner of St Francis de Sales or St Teresa of Avila; but I'll go so far as to say this is a work of pure, gentle, insightful genius ! It's readily available at BUY IT PLEASE!!!!
Most of us making the vainglorious attempt to read Rahner would be pulling our hair out after the first paragraph - this guy not only read him ; he discovered flaws and contradictions in the notion of transcendence !!?? I've an IQ of 186 and he simply walks over me in everything I attempt ; artistically he's a comic genius, his renditions of poetry , his 'Macbeth' would bring tears to your eyes - and if you're thinking 'I suppose he can juggle too??' - Yes he can !!! If you didn't fall in love with the man's soul you'd be as jealous as hell - but this is a man who makes everyone feel special and worthwhile - his humility is infectiously overwhelming.
Being so graced meant God had great demands - and a cross greater than most of us could bear - but he survives ; strengthened and supported by his fantastic wife and wonderful kids.
Now for many years Jeremy and his wife were catechists , administrators, life campaigners , guest-preachers and lecturers, counsellors and bulwarks of the catholic faith - but they too had crosses to endure; and circumstances changed - yet amidst all the turmoil and hardship they never lost faith ; and sought to make the best of every circumstance - hence the new initiative; and the massive plug for it !!!

Bill Schneeberger, Founder of BOGO Wines,{ } was inspired by the union of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary to offer the world’s best confections; thus, Two Hearts Confections was born. Through Divine Providence, he was blessed to meet Jeremy Pitt-Payne, a Le Cordon Bleu trained Pastry Chef, whose passion is chocolate. We use only the highest quality, fair trade ingredients when crafting our small, individually hand-rolled, rustic truffles. The dense and savory ganache of each of our flavors quickly melts in your mouth with a rich, buttery softness, making you want to reach for another. In addition to truffles, we also craft rich and creamy milk or dark chocolate fudge. Whether nibbling on our dark or milk chocolate fudge or on one of our specially made, delicious truffles, you can rest easily knowing you are treating yourself to the finest offerings of a world-class chef.

Our sacred cause- Adult Stem Cell Research
All this and help Save the People- Born and Unborn!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other brands and products help save the whales, save the trees, save the polar bears, save the Snowy Owls ect, but only BOGO Wines and TWO HEARTS Confections give back to support Adult Stem Cell Research-All Life Giving Research and Therapy and Saves the People- Born and Unborn!!!!!!!!!.

Chef Selection 1: 24 delicious hand-made truffles, utilizing the traditional flavoring method of an essence of liqueur to give the ganache its wonderful flavors. In this box you will find classic flavors РOrange, Amaretto, Brandy, Rum, Irish Cr̬me and Kahlua. Four of each truffle so you can have more than one, but have enough to share. $34.95
Chef Selection 2: 24 taste bud thrilling, hand-made truffles each use a non-liqueur flavoring. Containing 4 lemon mint, vanilla milk chocolate, honey hazelnut, soft caramel, coffee and my wife’s personal favorite – strawberry balsamic vinegar truffles. $34.95
Truffle Lover 1: 48 hand-made truffles. Doubles the contents of Chef Selection 1, but not the price. $59.95
Truffle Lover 2: 48 hand-made truffles. Doubles the content of Chef Selection 2, but not the price. $59.95
The ultimate truffle extravaganza for that extra special person or for extra special events when truffles can serve as nice little appetizers. Excellent truffles and the best value!
Truffle Extravaganza 1: 64 truffles with liqueur flavoring $75.95
Truffle Extravaganza 2:64 truffles with non liqueur flavorin$75.95
Truffle Extravaganza 3: 64 truffles, ½ liqueur flavoring & ½ non-liqueur flavoring. $75.95

ITEM 101: Two pounds of beautiful, creamy, dissolving-in-the-mouth, milk chocolate fudge. $34.95
ITEM 202: Two pounds of savory, pure, melt-in-your-mouth fudge made from dark chocolate. $34.95
ITEM 303: One pound of milk chocolate fudge and one pound of dark chocolate fudge. $34.95
ITEM 404: Our milk chocolate fudge, with walnuts. $34.95
ITEM 505: Dark chocolate fudge, with walnuts. $34.95
ITEM 606: A pound of dark and milk chocolate, each containing walnuts. $34.95

Jeremy was born just outside London and spent his formative years eating Cadbury’s chocolates on the southeast coast of England. He was educated by Benedictine monks and went on to obtain a Pontifical Baccalaureate Degree in Sacred Theology magna cum laude from the Catholic University of Louvain. He put this degree to good use as a teacher in California and Illinois, specializing in the areas of chastity education, marriage preparation, life issues and fundamentals of Catholicism and Scripture. By Divine Providence and to the greater glory of God, he found himself in a position to pursue his interest in the culinary arts and attended the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, where he completed the Le Cordon Bleu Baking and Patissere program with a 4.0 cumulative grade point average. He was inducted into Eta Sigma Delta, the Hospitality Industry’s international honor society. Establishing the Two Hearts Hand-Crafted Confections line in conjunction with Bill Schneeberger enables Jeremy to combine his talent for gourmet chocolate making with his passion for defending life – definitely a winning combination! Jeremy met his wife Marie in 1992. They married in 1993 and have been blessed with six beautiful children who love chocolate.


Phil said...

Makes you realise what good men the diocese of Northampton almost had on its books!

In Portsmouth diocese, 'they' are always going on about collaborative ministry. Mr J P-P shows 'em what it's really all about!

BTW, did you manage to attend the EF Mass in Corby the other day?

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

My dd and I have a dream to run our own old fashioned sweet shop. This year we are going to do a homeschool project planning the business. Somehow I wanted it to be a truly Catholic sweet shop selling Catholic stuff as well as sherbet dip you see.
I heard about Bongo Wines listening to Teresa Tommeo on Ave Maria Radio and thought; needs something like that really-but that was as far as my thoughts went.
But the chocs are it!
I am blogging about sex-ed and chastity on my homeschool blog so I'll plug the book too.

Why don't you write one? You know stuff that would be very interesting.
Of course Paul, ('scuse the cheek) you would need a good editor because of your predeliction for purple passage ;)
God bless

JARay said...

I'm very unlikely ever to taste Bogo wines or his chocolates, but I wish him well indeed.
As I said in another place, I have sent a private message to the Admin of TotalCatholic but the response has been deafening in its silence.
Sorry, dear chap, I can't do any more.