Friday, 4 January 2008

Yes I know, supposing this was directed against Muslims or Jews ?

A new CD - 'Deicide - Once Upon the Cross' - is available in major high street retailers and their websites. Included in the album is a 'song' called 'Kill the Christian'. The lyrics are

"You are the one we despise
Day in day out your words compromise lives
I will love watching you die
Soon it will be and by your own demise

Buried in hypocrisy
Lacerate your faith in God
Morally diseased
On the cross of Calvary your body bashed, defeated, stabbed

Blessing as you hate
Loyal to your enemies
Monetary faith
As him you'll pay for the lies of your prophecy
Satan wants you dead

Kill the Christian, kill the Christian
Kill the Christian, kill the Christian
Kill the Christian, kill the Christian
Kill the Christian

Armies of darkness unite
Destroy their temples and churches with fire
Where in his world will you hide
Sentenced to death, the anointment of Christ

In due time your path leads to me
Put you out of your misery

The death of prediction
Kill the Christian

Kill the Christian...dead! "

According to the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, 2006, Section 29 B (1): A person who uses threatening words or behaviour, or displays any written material which is threatening, is guilty of an offence if he intends thereby to stir up religious hatred'

{ Poor deluded fools...forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.... P.}

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