Tuesday, 8 January 2008

You know how they say "always read the label" ?

Well ?!!!!
I screwed up big-time...
Was making a Chicken Casserole and after dicing the veg and browning off the chicken thigh fillets...
I was supposed to sprinkle the Chicken chasseur mix over the top.
It wasn't until three hours later when everyone sat down to dinner
that I discovered I'd used the Colmans 'Chilli Con Carne' packet mix by mistake !!!
Not only was it inedible; it 'was' the only substantial food in the house. It sounds like a fairy tale but Nicky went to bed without any supper while the kids had 'back of the freezer pot luck' [mums will know what I mean].
Needless to say I am not exactly everyone's favourite person at the moment.


Phil said...

I do a lovely beans on toast.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I like the new format, I have put a link up.