Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Enemy Within....

Many years ago I went to visit a friend in Begbroke Oxford who was training to be a Servite. While waiting for his arrival from pastoral duties in a hospice ; I spent about an hour reading 'Alliance of Dissent'- a book about the subversive feminist invasion within the catholic church - I took little notice of its author [Little did I know it was the blogosphere's very own 'Fr Mildew' - Fr Michael Clifton]

It was only after discussing a few issues with my elder son Jamie this afternoon that I 'googled' the issue of feminism and its contaminating forces within the church - what I read has not only stunned me , revulsed me and shocked me to the very core of my being - some of the names I encountered within were actually of people I had encountered during my priestly training.

I urge you, all of you ; to read this - this is happening NOW !!!

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Will take a look..