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Our Land - China - The Ways of the Middle Kingdom - Chung Kuo

Chinese posters - enforcing the 'One Child Policy'

- Better blood flowing like a river than one extra birth.
- Abort whether early or late, abort using any method!
- Your home will be destroyed and your cows taken away if you don't abort.
There is a list of others such as:
- One sterilization honors the whole family! (Xiandong Province)
- One excess birth, whole village sterilized! (Tsuxiong, Yunnan Province)
- Sterilization dodgers wanted! (Tzechuan Province)

Satanic isn't it...?
China forces the annual murder of tens of millions of the unborn - a significant majority of these are girls [one in the eye for the pro-choice sisterhood eh ? evidently what goes around comes around , but of course it doesn't affect the lives of the white petit bourgeois chattering class 'ladies who lunch' does it ? Not when the genocide they support is halfway round the world] the children who are born ? they're treated like little princes - demigods spoilt beyond imagining [even amongst the very poor] and they become none the better for it....

Fr Tim over at the Hermeneutic of Continuity informs us that 'commie' China is yet again attempting to 'hoodwink' the West by intimating it plans to remove the legislation enforcing 'one child only' - when it has no intention of doing any such thing. Whether this is true or untrue is a valid point to consider...but I'm afraid Fr Tim is falling into that grim fallacy with which the west hoodwinks us.

China's policies are undoubtedly pure evil...Evil beyond imagining.
But why are they allowed to thrive ? To persist ? What necessitates it ? what compels it ?

Now, keep that in your mind while I ask you to hearken back to 13th May 1981 ; we're forever being told that Pope John Paul II's execution was directly ordered via the Kremlin through the 'subverted' neo-fascist Grey Wolves and Mehmet Ali Agca fired the shots - I'm sure there are many informed catholic bloggers out there close to Rome who will tell you that this is simply untrue - Pope John Paul II was disrupting the tyrannising status quo in Eastern Europe - and it was a rich source of cheap goods and resources [produced in an environment of enslavement of whole populations] and the people who profited were rich Multi-Nationalists in the West - it was these 'secret people' who ordered His Holiness's execution; for they had far too much to lose if eastern europe was freed - a vast amount of lucrative 'fast-bucks' in the West being the main one...whenever we look for Evil thriving, whether it be third or fourth world poverty, disease, violence, chaos and death - you will invariably find money at the root of it....

So let's look back at China - and ask why ?
Why was China allowed to persist in its diabolical policies against its own people ?
What country ever stood against it ?
What country ever spoke out , refused to trade or negotiate or withdraw any diplomatic relations with china while this ongoing evil thrived ?
In fact did we not promote, equivocate, excuse, collaborate and conspire in this tyranny , violence and death..whether it be against Tibet, or Taiwan or the students in Tianamen square or the millions of unborn or any political opposition or christians or the millions in rural communities starved to death when resources were low while the stockpiles of arms and nuclear weapons rose higher to ensure they could oppress the people and blackmail the whole world into economic submission ?
The Chinese government are up to their necks in the blood of millions...
But what of us ?

The clothes I wear were made in China , the TV I watch may have a Japanese name but its components came from China , the baseball boots on my feet - from China, the computer in front of me - US brand but its components? yep Chinese - my £27 suit I recently wore to a funeral - China...I've made a quick glance through my paperbacks - the majority were printed in China - the dvds ? You got it !

The radio with which I listen with glee to good old merry england personified by Radio 4, and hear John Simpson and James Naughtie in the mornings telling me of another Chinese atrocity ? And then hear Jenny Murray on women's hour telling me how chinese women are being oppressed ? yep everywhere I look - virtualy everything is made in China !
The company I work for trades $18 billion with China - compelled to as people want their cheap jeans and cheap electrical goods - if it didn't do it someone else would - it's capitalism - it's the way of the world !!!

I vacuumed the living room not long ago - a nice shiny Dyson - good british Inventor - was once a good british company - now it's in china - it had no choice - the globalisation policies of the New World Order have decreed that the World's workshop, the world's factory - is now focussed upon China !
If it were any other way it would be detrimental to our economy wouldn't it ?
Trudy and Justin wouldn't have their Tuscan Villa , their little getaway cottage in the highlands or be able to take Caspar and Jocasta to The London Oratory and the Ursuline sisters in the latest 4by4 ?,
The distillery companies would go into liquidation if the billions of extra money was no longer spent on alcohol , but actually having to be spent on food, clothes and goods that weren't the obscenely low-priced products of the oppressed, underprivileged slaves of China and the Third World.
When I lived in the US they were incensed at having to pay $1.40 a gallon for gasoline - imagine how they would feel if they were paying the near $10 we're paying here in the UK ? But no, the tens of billions of dollars of trade with China ensure this doesn't need to happen....

The Code of Canon Law 1329 #2 tells us of those conspiring directly with latae sententiae excommunicable acts should be afforded a severe punishment.
How lucky we are that we can equivocate, squeeze our way out of that one by declaring we are merely indirect participants ? But there is something about the law that makes us uneasy when it implies that if there's a hint of 'without whom the acts would not occur'? - there's culpability....puts us on edge doesn't it ?

So when Fr Tim condemns the murderous Commie bastards and their mephistophelean agenda of violence, tyranny and genocide - I'll side with him and agree in the condemnation....
...Yet in order to be authentic I have to go one step further and condemn the world who, for a fast buck, allows, conspires and promotes this !
In some way, blood is on all our hands...

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WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

It's one of those things that leaves me with a sense of hopelessness. WHY must everything be made in China? And didn't the Martel incident teach us anything?
WHY did Beijing get the Games?
I know our leaders are basically corrupt-but ye gods, how corrupt they are still shocks me at times.