Monday, 7 April 2008

Coincidence ???

Every time the Grand National rears its ugly head all five of us place our pound bets:

Jonathan went for Turko as it reminded him of a character from one of his favourite comedy programmes 'Scrubs'.

Nicky and Jamie independently picked the same horse : D'argent [spooky - maybe a good omen ?]

Then somewhat eerily and defiant of the probability experts ; Rowan and I proceeded to do exactly the same thing - We chose to bet on the same horse - Comply or Die - The Winner !!!
The Rule is any winnings are spent enjoyably; but recklessly....

Rowan's getting the hilarious cartoon series'Home Movies' season 1 with her £9 winnings...

...and I'm buying an L plushy - what's a plushy ? A soft toy model .

L is the young master detective [Think Columbo/Porfiry/Sherlock but barefoot with a penchant for ultra-sweet tea and patisserie] from the gloriously over the top japanese supernatural thriller anime series "Deathnote" - If you haven't heard about it yet ; it's heading for these shores soon and it's going to be big.

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