Monday, 26 May 2008

Have you been watching ?

My whole family's been hooked on this year's Apprentice.
We're utterly bemused by Sir Alan Sugar's discernment.
What is he playing at ?
Episode 1 - spoilt brat Alex; who claims all the ability and accolades but never takes any responsibility ; completely screws up a fish-selling task - by blaming the posh young toff for all his mistakes - the poor naiive deluded lawyer goes while Alex sails through the next 8 weeks.

Episode 2 - Confirmed just how deceitful and incompetent Jenny was - but who goes ? The only woman who took any responsibility for the Laundry task . Sir Alan you committed as severe error in judgment - Shazia could have made a great Apprentice.

Episode 3 - Ian [not the brightest or most capable] was tucked up completely by the most useless , arrogant and deluded candidate ever - Kevin ! did Kevin go - No , poor Ian went.

Episode 4 - Poor Simon was let down appallingly by his team - Alex and Jenny lied, Claire treated him like dirt ; but the wrong team won the task - Helene should have gone for the despicable way she treated Lucinda - A wrong firing again !

Episode 5 - Lindy went , but Claire's team was utterly inept and deserved to lose. Claire should have gone for being a terrible task leader and spending all her time drinking cider.

Episode 6 - At last - Kevin went !! Sir Alan made the first right decision of the series. Lee's treatment of Sara, Alex's tantrum - pair of them should have been thrown off the series - Raef and Lucinda came to Sara's defence - heroes !

Episode 7 - Phenomenal !! I would have sacked all 5 of them.

Episode 8 - They'd had it in for Sara for weeks [I'd have sacked Jenny, Lee and Alex for that fiasco back at the house where they bullied Sara because of Kevin's deserved firing] Both Michael and Helene should have gone.

Episode 9 - the biggest travesty of the series - wunderkind Raef - who'd won the tasks most of the weeks previously through his initiative [laundry, singles cards, top range wedding dresses, the best buy calf-skin etc] entered into the firing line and Sir Alan jumped at the opportunity. How Alex and Michael escaped again is beyond me - alex proved himself to be the most inane and talentless individual under the sun with that advert. Utterly unfair - Raef, like Shazia; could have easily won.

JUSTICE FOR RAEF !!!! who's left ?

Out of them all the only credible candidate is Lucinda ; and it looks like tomorrow night she is doomed after being abandoned by Dumb and Dumber [Alex & Lee] she attempts to rent out a Zonda ; unaware that it's an Aston Martin - It looks like she's heading for the chopping block ! A great shame, but tomorrow night Nicky, the kids and I will be devastated if she goes !!!

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