Thursday, 1 January 2009

Well I'm Back....With an Appeal to Abbot Hugh.

The Daily Mail's Simon Caldwell has revealed that His Holiness has asked Abbot Hugh Gilbert of Pluscarden to be our next Archbishop of Westminster ; yet due of his assistant's leaving of the community ; he has apparently refused at the eleventh hour for fear of compromising his community....

I repeat the appeal I made on Holy Smoke Blog

Abbot Hugh - if this is the will of the Holy Spirit; is not the price too high to refuse ; could not this 'barrier' and refusal to trust that "that which is good and true cannot be lost" [i.e. your community] be an attempt to thwart that which is meant to be ?

Might I also suggest there is a subtle vanity and pride in refusing ? The enemy works exceedingly well when he provokes doubt into anxiety.

Run to the cross - seek Him-who-is-Truth-made-flesh. Run to your Blessed Mother. Run to your heavenly brothers and sisters who gave their lives to and for the Church you so love and serve....

Remember our country's last denoted defender of the faith - GK Chesterton - Did he not tell us that adversity is merely a wrongly perceived adventure ?
Remember St Francis de Sales - It is never enough to love someone ; they have to know they are loved ! are you the man the Holy Spirit wishes to let this country know that they are loved by God and called to conversion and perfection ?

St John Bosco tells us to "always make the first move".

The words of St Paul have NEVER let me down ; I appeal to you to seek wisdom within...
p.s. Call me overly suspicious : If there is something..anything...untoward in all this...please let right be done [1 Cor 3:19-23] ; the price is too high to do otherwise.