Monday, 27 February 2012

Has the Rubicon been crossed?

 In regard to the Extraordinary Form and Summorum Pontificum - the Bishops and
'professional' clergy/laity of this country defiantly attempted to
thwart those who desired it:

They lied about the composition of those desiring it [i.e. that they were all pre-vatican II octogenarians!]
They lied about the regulations,
They lied about what constitutes the composition of a stable group.
They lied about provision,
They lied about their ecclesiastical power to prevent them and provide them..

...and then turned round to Rome and...

...lied that nobody wanted them!

And the few who did want to say EF masses were all raging
sedevacantists or fascistic bullying priests who were forcing the  form
upon an outraged , distressed congregation!!!
e.g. The Tablet's character assassination of Fr Tim Finigan.
Need we go through the scandal at Allerton Bywater where a priest is dispossessed ,
aside-thrust, cast-out by the sheer might of Uncle +Arthur Roche's will? 

The generosity of His Holiness is rather directed at those who despise his Papacy and the entire Benedictine Revolution - renegade fifth-columnists within Holy Mother Church who seek to create a
NuChurch in their own image and to their own aggrandisement.
If I were the Pope I should have launched an inquiry into the validity of Diocesan
claims regarding Summorum Pontificum and see if the reality measured up
in any way!

Because we all know it doesn't!

For decades we have been drenched with a vomit-inducing, relativistic, pragmatic syncretist
oecumania regarding our 'separated brethren' - and we defiantly broke
Church regulations and papal directives and performed all manner of
sacrileges and scandals in the process...

We are now fully aware that these initiatives, programmes and tens of millions wasted was not
merely counterproductive and alienating - it was performed by
recalcitrant liars and hypocrites WHO DID NOT WANT OECUMENISM...

How can we deduce this?
By the scandalous way the Ordinariate have been treated by our
hierarchy and the 'professional' clergy/laity with their incessant
dismissal, ridicule, their whispering campaigns against them and their
outrageous refusal to comply with His Holiness's wishes in their regard.

When the Ordinariate was formed it was envisaged by Rome that after
Archbishop Nichols many, many 'obliging' trips to Rome to help formulate
the Ordinariate in secret with its main leaders...that once the
Ordinariate was instituted it would be provided with at least one
London-based Central Church with an effective administrative HQ - AND

Whispers from the ether suggest that a
certain gentleman in white was led to believe that as Westminster was
closing Colney it was going to be provisionally donated to the
Ordinariate with financial assistance and on-site help from perhaps a
few religious orders in its maintenance...

...only a few months
ago we were scandalised to discover that potentially the Ordinariate
were going to be provided with a glorified public toilet as their HQ!!!

and NOW?!!
+Vin's turned round and told them to get stuffed because 'you can't afford one
so we wouldn't want to financially and logistically burden you'


Which is hardly surprising:

Already we have the contemptible Stalinist revisionism of
'Civil Partnerships are ok' 
by +Vin  and Catholic Voices. [although the CBCEW seems to have had a wobble and 'clarified' that the position has not changed since the 'strongly oppose them' of 2003 (But has anyone bothered to tell +Vin or the CVeebies?)}

We Have a Bishops Conference which has endorsed:
Abortion via Connexions in Catholic Schoolc
Euthanasia via the Liverpool care Pathway
Employing those who advocate, promote and actuate the Culture of Death [even to
the extent of giving top jobs to pro-abortion ex MPs, population control
experts and the woman who sent the mobile abortuaries into Sub-Saharan

Conference conspired with the Mental Capacity act [a letter from Archbishop Smith duplicitously stating the Church 'had no problems with the bill' was read out in the Commons and halted a backbench rebellion in its tracks] , it deplorably attempted to make deals over the HFEA Bill and what's
probably the worst of all - had there not been an election we might now
be in a situation where Catholic moral teaching in a Catholic school
would be banned outside the religious education class - due to an HSE
bill which was joint-drafted by the CESEW!!!???

Does their Vichyite treachery know no bounds?

The despicable activity at the Vaughan and Warwick St - and even +Vin's
continuing refusal to sort out the abortifacient prescription &
abortion referrals - even sex-change operations - ongoing at the John & Lizzie ; they're small
change to these people....

What should His Holiness do?
Where does he start?
Does he order Conference to immediately dissociate itself from Connexions and the LCP?
Does he demand +Vin gets his act together, stops abortions being authorised
by the hospital in his auspices, stops rewriting Catholic teaching
regarding homosexual unions, stops allowing opportunistic media-hacks
and acolytes to do the same thing as they have done elsewhere
[especially regarding condoms] ; stops the Soho masses and Quest?

...and does he order +Vin to for God's sake give the Ordinariate a Church like His Holiness was led to believe they would?

Members of the Ordinariate gave up their security, their livelihoods, took
their families into penury living on the good-will of friends and
extended family and charitable Anglican and Catholic friends...

...and what have we done in return?
We've spat on them and told them they're not wanted!

May God forgive us - and if +Vin gets his red hat after this I hope he has
the decency not to be able to look in the mirror wearing it.

The Augean stables are now so large - where can one start?

Are we now at a stage where - given we've a Conference which allows
abortions in Catholic schools and has no problem with the sick and
elderly being starved & dehydrated to death... suspend - even abolish- the Bishops' Conference?

Canonically they've already broken so many laws it would take years of trials and tribunals!

Our hierarchy have technically - through negligence, arrogance and
downright refusal to obey the laws and teachings of Holy Mother Church -
have inaugurated what's tantamount to a civil war!

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