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The Papal speech to herald the Synod: Timid + Tepid = Torpid...So Catholics take heed...

"For the people of Israel suffering under Roman rule, it was truly good news that God spoke to his people and came to live among them,"
 the Pope said.

"News of Jesus’s birth was the answer to those who questioned whether there really was a God; whether he knew his people and the circumstances of their lives; and whether he had any power to change their situation."

"People today have the same questions," 

“Is God a reality or not? Why is he silent?”

"When Christians evangelise, they must remember that their “faith has content”, and that what they believe and seek to share with others is outlined in the Creed, he said. They must use their intelligence to reflect on the tenets of their faith and use their mouths to proclaim it.
Because faith isn’t an abstract notion, Christians also must live their faith and share it with the world through acts of charity and love,"

“Being tepid is the greatest danger for Christians, We pray that faith becomes like a fire in us and that it will set alight others.”

“[The] Church exists to evangelise - by sharing the Gospel with people who have never heard of Christ, strengthening the faith of those who already have been baptised and reaching out to those who “have drifted away from the Church”.

 “At various times in history, divine providence has given birth to a renewed dynamism in the church’s evangelising activity...
 ...Even in our own times, the Holy Spirit has nurtured in the Church a new effort to announce the good news,”


[With this Message of 'lighting the fire within us...' I'm reminded of the bitter irony within the Catholic Voices mantra of Less Heat: More Light...

Chesterton declared it was impossible to face the blazing sunlight of truth without both the light
of wisdom and the all-consuming ardently passionate and uncompromising seek out the cool light is to dwell in the delusional icy dead
moonshine of the lunatic.

I worry that with the CVeebie crowd it's less sunlight, and not even moonlight - but limelight!

Ex-Abbot Christipher Jamison - the CV spiritual grandee has declared "The Media is no place to Evangelise"  - but that is not the message of His Holiness..nor has it ever been when he has repeatedly discussed the subject... 

Now I've said this elsewhere but I feel it needs repeating - especially at the dawning of the Year of Faith - where I urge - even plead with the Catholic Voices team to think again...
The CVs want to be the ONLY voice in the media speaking about 'acceptable
Catholicism' - innocuous, inoffensive, accommodating, isolationist in
not interposing/imposing its views but 'integrationist' in wishing to
seek out a 'new secularist-new humanist' paradigm for dialogue and
mutual benefit where we 'agree to disagree' on the 'peripherals' but all
join together for social justice under the banner of 'the common good'.

 The CVs have been told that it's not about winning arguments
 - but about witnessing...and here's where it gets crucial:
They say:

"clarifying misunderstanding,
shedding light where there is myth and confusion,
demonstrating empathy and compassion and a deeper vision
...the enemy of such witness is a desire to 'win' and 'defeat'.
An attitude of rivalry and victory, of winners and losers, of 'right and wrong' - this is the language of battles and sieges, of war and persecution....
[those who wield cudgels in defence of the faith/pope etc]
...have to avoid being part of the same cycle of accusation and defence...'

[Now this is the point where I want to knock Austen Ivereigh's block-off: Get this!!!]

"As a model, take Jesus in the Gospel of John: Endlessly challenged, he never falls into the attitude of a persecuted victim"

No Austen he didn't - but I don't think you've really read John's Gospel have you?

Our Lord and Saviour takes on all-comers brandishing Truth like a gleaming sword before Him - uncompromising, demanding, no accommodating or watering-down, no hegelian dialectical dialogue to find a 'consensual common good' upon which we can all agree

- He is the Way, the Truth, the Life...and incidentally - the LIGHT!'

...Now Austen, Jack & Kathleen[who?!] seem to wish us to enter into a
Vichyist paradigm where not only is the media not the enemy - but the
enemy is not the enemy!
There is no war!
We're all together as a unified collective with differing truth-positions and all seeking out a homogenous end [self-fulfilment and the 'common good'] by different routes and alternate value meme-structures.

The only enemy are those who seek to disrupt this holistic approach towards
'witness'..those uncharitable, divisive, intolerant boat-rockers who
wish to fight rather than being harbingers of peace - those who wish a
continuance in the violent, sectarian, confrontational, aggression that
really turns people off and makes them stop listening and walk away...

[hence a denunciation of Catholic bloggers as the Ultras - the Taliban - The
'Pyjamahideen' [whatever that means?]

Instead of the salt of the earth - we're called to be its monosodium glutamate and saccharine.

Instead of Faith in a sea of doubt we are to provide placating inoffensive platitudes,

Instead of Hope amidst the despair and nightmare chaos we are to provide
faux-reassurance that we're all basically nice people who mean well and
things aren't really that bad are they?

Instead of Love amidst the sin, depravity and treacherous, murderous evil - we are claiming to be 'there for them' and 'speaking out for them' and 'accepting them for who they are-where they are'...

...and Truth - the Person of Christ - where does that fit in?


With Catholic Voices one feels that it's never 'What would Jesus do [or
say]?' and almost always 'What would Austen/+Vin want me to say?'

A lot less "Faith of Our Fathers"and a lot more like "Sit down you're rocking the boat"

Ladies and Gentleman - I've got news for you:
We're at war.

...and if some dewy-eyed, faux-sincere media-type flashes their pearly-whites and
tells you in a serious yet media-trained sing-song voice that we're
seeking a progressive conflict-resolution-scenario through dialogue and
positive 'reframing'?

All in thought-triangles!!

Get your sword out - because you're going to have to join the fight in their place...
So does CV stand for Catholic Voices? Or Catholic Vichyists?

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