Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Solidarity vs Negotiation & Compromise #1

A man went into the wood and asked the trees for a piece of wood;

The trees had been congenial enough with humankind for thousands of years,

but recently ?

they had begun to fear them...

The trees held conference.

"If we do not give him what he wants ; he may come back and take more than he has asked for ! - we should do what he wants !"

"What shall we do then ?"

"Give him the youngest and weakest sapling ; the human will go away content ; and we shall be left in peace..."

So the trees moved apart, swaying their threatening branches aside and allowed the man to take the single sapling.

The man stripped the bark from the sapling, broke it to a manageable size and attached his axe head to the newly made handle....

Soon he would return to take all the trees....

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