Monday, 4 February 2013

24hrs to save marriage....

UPDATE: National Rosary for the Defence of Marriage at Midday Tomorrow: PLEASE JOIN US!!!

It's still not too late to contact one's MP over Tomorrow's Vote for the Same-Sex Marriage proposals:

Deacon Nick Donnelly on Protect the Pope gives some excellent advice/recommendations:

Save Marriage Now!
Email your MP to vote against same-sex marriage

Points to make

The law helps to shape and form social and cultural values. A change in the law would gradually and inevitably transform society’s understanding of the purpose of marriage.
The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill will:
  • Change the meaning of marriage for everyone.
  • Break the fundamental connection between marriage and child-bearing.
  • Disregard the importance of male and female complementarity and creativity.
  • Reduce the meaning of marriage solely to the commitment of the two people involved.
  • Impact religious freedom.
  • Have numerous unintended consequences, for example for schools, in the workplace, in one’s personal life, for inter-faith relations, and many other areas.
  • The British public, as a whole, did not seek this change. None of the mainstream political parties promised it in their last election manifestos. Nor when the government launched its consultation did it ask whether the law should be changed; instead it asked how the law should be changed.
  • In publishing this Bill the Government has ignored the views of over 626,000 people who signed a petition opposing the change, and the submissions of many others to the consultation. In its response to the consultation, the Government even chose to ignore many of the findings therein.
  • There is no mandate for this change and the government appears to be rushing the Bill through Parliament against the strongly held views of the public, and without pausing to properly think about the consequences of such a change.
  • This is a major constitutional change and the British public should and must be consulted. We must make our views known to our MPs and ‘Speak Out for Marriage’.
...and let's not forget as I blogged previously - If this legislation is passed - it won't remotely resemble what homosexuals actually want or the public think they are supporting!!!?

Now once this is all over - and the chaos ensues - the Catholic Church in England & Wales needs to perform an autopsy on how it acted during the lead up to this legislation - the silent hierarchy and the reckless handing over of the remit to oppose these proposals to bodies and people who have proven themselves to be incompetent and counterproductive. That the Church only got its act together at a few minutes to Midnight is well..?

It was an unmitigated farce:

Contrary to the intense no-holds-barred fight for marriage occurring North of the Border.

First we had a conspiratorial silence for month after month - not one member of the hierarchy or the professional laity or our 'meedja' representatives were willing to put their head above the parapet - The fight was left to C4M and Christian bloggers and one religious leader - The Chief Rabbi:

Months where all that our commentators were interested in was defending +Vin's anti-positive mis-framing regarding Civil Partnerships where he declared the Church did not oppose them...[which required Vatican intervention to remedy - but notice - no retraction or apology from Catholic Voices that the Church DOES OPPOSE civil partnerships]

[I ask you - gay marriage looming on the horizon and Media-Catholics making every attempt to fallaciously justify gay civic unions - despite the CDF ordering them not to!]

...and engaging in irrelevant 'public debates' at elitist gatherings which the general public neither knew about nor cared about...

...and attacking SPUC for bothering its backside to defend marriage and defend the life protected within it and oppose the eugenic anri-life agenda inherent within IVF and surrogacy [we still have certain pro-life activists saying it was none of SPUC's business and SSM is not a pro-life issue and SSM has nothing to do with the culture of death [Only last month Catholic Voices' Peter Williams scathingly dismissed and derided Laurence 'Bones' England's support for SPUC's position]

...or appearing on TV & radio and misrepresenting Catholic teaching by saying the purpose of marriage was having and rearing kids [it isn't - the purpose is the first perfection of loving complementary union [which all heterosexual couples may fulfil] - the aim/end is for that love to overflow into procreation - the second perfection [which not all married couples can fulfil]]
...only to get attacked - and justifiably so- with 'well why are infertile couples allowed to marry?' and what's the difference between infertile and gay/lesbian couples?
I refuse to condemn anyone who attacks a Catholic commentator when the Catholic commentator doesn't know what they are defending...

...or saying on TV it wasn't a religious issue and wilfully refusing to discuss biblical or doctrinal issues with opponents...[anyone remember a gobsmacked Douglas Murray incredulous that Austen Ivereigh - while representing Catholic Voices - refused to engage with Catholic teaching???!!]

..or saying on TV or radio "marriage is just a word" [subsequently implying "and it's ours and you aint getting it - so get used to it!!"]

...or appearing on public platforms proffering ludicrously unfactual platitudes about apes and neanderthals forming life partnerships and marriage is part of an evolutionary system...[do I need to begin to state the problems with this position? Juggling with dynamite over a volcano comes to mind]

...or sexist hyperbolising on the dichotomy of the nurturing capabilities/capacities of 'rough & tumble' fathers and 'lullaby-singing' mothers which grossly patronised and offended all parents

...or instead of saying what was intrinsically wrong with the whole principle and concept of same-sex marriage - appealing to dodgy psychiatric case studies suggesting that children raised by homosexual couples are more likely to be communists, terrorists and serial killers or that children who aren't breastfed to the age of five end up as psychopaths...

It was a the extent that only last week
- a week before the vote
- did our Bishops get their act together and actually explain what was wrong with same-sex marriage and the provisional consequences of the legislation...

...and remember we've had draft reports and position papers and even CTS pamphlets on the issue and handwringing confused newspaper articles- and NOT ONE actually included a remotely comprehensive explanation of what was happening...the majority were concerned with the utilitarian 'what's best for children' what's more beneficial for society's cohesion and social integration - not what's fundamentally right and wrong about the issues.

Could someone PLEASE tell these newbie Catholic commentators that we are not consequentialists, relativists, pragmatists and situationists and do not formulate our moral principles as such?!!!

...and not forgetting the egregious activities of our illustrious Archbishop of Westminster where he used a Midnight mass to suddenly become confrontationally hostile over the issue and then within days kick the homosexuals out of Warwick Street - allowing the BBC to falsely report that this was all part of an anti-homosexual pogrom in a gearing up of the fight to oppose 'equal marriage'!!!?

Meanwhile so many confused Catholics across the land were left uninformed and unadvised - many thinking the Church was manifesting some latent institutionalised homophobia rather than defending against a legislation threatening to abolish marriage itself...

This was a national embarrassment for the Church from start to finish...and it must never happen again.

Papal Postscript:

“We address Our special greetings to the Catholic parents. 
Their rights and duties as educators, conferred on them by God, are at present the stake of a campaign pregnant with consequences. 
The Church cannot wait to deplore the devastation of its altars, the destruction of its temples, if an education, hostile to Christ, is to profane the temple of the child's soul consecrated by baptism,.. 
Then the violation of temples is nigh, and it will be every one's duty to sever his responsibility from the opposite camp, and free his conscience from guilty cooperation with such corruption. 
The more the enemies attempt to disguise their designs, the more a distrustful vigilance will be needed, in the light of bitter experience... 
Yet do not forget this: none can free you from the responsibility God has placed on you over your children. None of your oppressors, who pretend to relieve you of your duties can answer for you to the eternal Judge, when he will ask: ‘Where are those I confided to you?"
 May every one of you be able to answer: 
‘Of them whom thou hast given me, I have not lost any one’" .(Gospel according to St John v18 ch 9).

MIT BRENNENDER SORGE (With Burning Sorrow!)


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Paul my mp is Angela Eagle. I have written to her but I doubt if she will listen. Thank you for fighting for the truth. God bless you