Saturday, 2 February 2013

Dear People with SSA: What do you want?

Homosexuals seem to be convinced that the proposed 'Equal Marriage' Legislation will verify, vindicate and validate their relationship.
So the question has to be asked:
'What do you seriously think you will be getting'?
What will same sex marriage confirm?

Recognition of an exclusive, loving bond of fidelity among partners who wish to spend their lives together?'

Primarily this civil contract will NOT recognise, acknowledge, confirm or endorse:
Any mutual recognition between partners  - let alone short or long-term loving recognition prior to the ceremony - yes - incredibly - both partners do not even need to know each other or even to have met each other before the ceremony.[unless immigration get involved]
Co-habitation - The same-sex spouses do not need to interact on any level - even on the same continent - after the ceremony.
Sexual activity - Consummation [however one might wish to define it e.g. as genital activity] is neither a criterion nor a pre-requisite.
Sexual Fidelity - Each partner may engage in sexual activity with any other person or any amount of persons of the same sex and this will not legally compromise/jeopardise the marital contract.Adultery will not be a legal concept...except...well?

The ONLY sexual criteria within same-sex marriage is that a partner can sue for divorce should their spouse engage in sexual activity with a person of the OPPOSITE sex.

So when homosexual couples declare they want the state to recognise their relationships as marriage?

What do they think this new marriage legislation will give them?

Because it's technically not recognising anything more than a civil partnership does? [the only additional provision is automatic joint custody to any adopted or IVF/surrogacy-generated child]

You don't need to be sexually faithful or sexually intimate or sexually active.

You don't need to live with each other, love each other - you don't even need to know each other...

The ONLY PROMISE in the whole thing - is an oath of fidelity to one's homosexuality?!!!

One can have joint property rights, powers of attorney, hospital visitation, rights of legacy etc with this person with whom you've signed a marital contract...whom you might not know from Adam or Eve... can live where you want
...with whoever you want
...and have sex with whomsoever you want...
...or the whole deal's off!!!

So you want to get married?
What do you mean by married?
Do you think this bears any relationship to what the legislation will mean by marriage?

Do you think GLBT activists have been acting in your best interests if - after all this grief - all the years of heated arguments and a nation divided over the issue...
All you are getting is a glorified oath to maintain your sexual orientation?
Meanwhile marriage is abolished, people lose their jobs, there are rows amongst religions and politicians and teachers, public sector workers and related professions all have their livelihoods jeopardised...

...all for the sake of an oath to homosexuality?
...not the state recognising a committed loving union between two members of the same sex?

Same sex marriage won't be a marriage by any definition...
...even your own!

So why do you think you haven't been told that same-sex marriage is going to be no such thing?
...ask your activists and spokespersons
...and ask them what they're getting out of all this!?

Now for some people - in the 'struggle for vindication, recognition and acceptance of homosexual identity' - the redefinition and virtual abolition of marriage might very well be 'a price worth paying'?
Whether we agree or disagree on the technical or moral or socio-cultural issues...
..such a fight would be understandable.
But surely it would be farcical to tear society, a government, a legislation and a national institution apart...
...if the results had nothing to do with marriage for people with SSA?

Marriage for everyone meaning marriage for no-one?

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