Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Don't Ask Me...

Don't get me wrong -
I've been a papacy-nerd; a conclave fanatic of geek proportions
I've spent years reading about and researching them [even a myriad of fictional ones!]; they fascinate, engross and enthrall me.
I've had friends/associates who've spent many hours recounting/revealing secrets from history and the near-present...it could be my specialised subject on Mastermind

But now? This is all too real

If you want reflections on the Pontificate of His Holiness Benedict XVI?
Ask me after his funeral and not before.

If you want considerations of Conclave and Papabile and 'what makes a good Pope?'
or 'the Leader Holy Mother Church needs?'
Conclave factions and rivals, the movers, shakers and [scandal]-popemakers?

Ask someone else...

I'll be praying, fasting, working and studying...maybe blog on a doctrinal or moral issue if it helps me clarify something...
but nothing else...

...at least until we hear 'Habemus Papam'

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