Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tonight: Please don't dare try to excuse this disaster with "well we tried our best" - because we didn't!!!!

When the vote for Same Sex marriage is won and there is cheering among the chattering classes and homosexuals rejoice that they've finally crossed that last equality rubicon and been given 'marriage'...

[They think they have - but they haven't - they've been given the name marriage and marriage has been abolished - marriage NO LONGER EVEN MEANS an exclusive committed loving domestic relationship - irrespective of anything to do with children]

Yes marriage is being abolished - it will no longer contain any requirement for:
a] Recognition/acknowledgement or even knowledge of [or even expressing a desire to know] a marital partner
b] Love - how many MPs and activists have said this is all about public expression of love & commitment? It's not in the legislation.
c] Fidelity [remember the only sexually adulterous act in an SSM is a heterosexual one - so there's an awkward silence re bisexuality and this legislation - and equality laws will mean there will ultimately be no such thing as a legal concept of adultery]
d] Co-habitation [there is no necessity to exchange a word or an instant of time with one's spouse outside the ceremony - let alone a bodily fluid or a postcode]

In other words marriage is destined to become...NOTHING!!!

But a 'nothing' that will have an overwhelming secularising power to eliminate Religion from the public sphere.

...for many to lose their roles, their public positions. their employment, their livelihoods, or ultimately their freedom  [possibly even the opportunity to become a family?]

...and there's a tumult of wailing and bemoaning and handwringing and rending of garments and gnashing of teeth...

...and Our Commentators and Media-experts and Quangocrats make every attempt to rewrite history and congratulate themselves amid group-hugs and patting each other on the back for 'battles well fought'...
...and declare that despite their unswerving diligence and efforts and devotion to the cause...
...it was always going to be a battle that was impossible to win...

Remember this:
It's not true
We could have won this - we could have - we just didn't - and there are many reasons why we didn't.

So please:
Don't believe the lie:
We could have saved marriage - and we failed.

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