Thursday, 14 February 2013

Why Valentine?

Because it's never enough to just love someone
That someone needs to know they are loved
Think about it...What is the Mass?
Other than God made Man letting everyone know how much He loves God and His Neighbour?

A Jehovah's Witness gentleman knocked on the door last week.
Attempting to thrust a copy of the Watchtower in my hand he asked the generic question that a similar member of his religion asked me 30+ yrs ago
"Aren't you concerned with the state of the world?"

After the niceties and deference to their victimhood in the Holocaust and their evangelical zeal and rigorous adherence to their faith; he began the 'patter' which I refused to brook.
I hastily rapiered away the ridiculous ten minutes of apologetic foreplay - a spiel so familiar and formulaic it's redolent of a double-glazing salesman or a call centre trying to sell pet insurance...
We got to the crux within seconds..I launched an assault on their insertion of a single letter in the beginning of John's Gospel - turning Our Lord and Saviour from the Word was God to the Word was 'a god'

"Oh You're a Trinitarian?!!

"Absolutely! Dyed in the wool Trinitarian"

"..That's quite interesting because only the other day I was having a discussion about that with..."

"Is God Love?" I interjected...
He looked somewhat perturbed.
Before he could respond I asked

"If God is Love: Who is able to fully Love God the way He deserves
and who is able to be Loved fully by God?"
His eyes narrowed and he re-proffered the watchtower..

I smiled enthusiastically with a hint of pleading
"Answer: Only God!!!"

"Absolute Lover- Fully Reciprocating Loved - and the ever-flowing fullness of Love manifest in that Trinitarian Godhead...If God is Love - then there has to be a Trinity"

The man became ashen-faced, mumbled a few words, turned and fled as if I'd turned into a horde of demons ready to devour his soul...

Leaving me somwhat bemusedl wondering what exact concept instilled such horror to invoke his flight.

Could it have been fear that it's all true?
God Love You...
But Who Loves God?

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