Thursday, 18 April 2013

Like the King across the water...

Ad Multos Annos Your Holiness...


Ttony said...

Don't fall into wrongthink. He isn't the King Over The Water: he is the King who abdicated because all of his strength had been spent before his life had. he'll use the rest of his days in prayer for us, and, more importantly, for his successor who, full of vim, is taking on issues which B16 didn't, being too busy doing other things. Pray that the Father of all Lies, who must hate the Bishop in White more than any other of God's creatures, might be confounded by there being two of them.

Kacee said...

Found you via a seamless garment comment you addressed back in 2010. Your website name, together with your awesome response, grabbed my attention. So you're paying for your sins through your daily work, eh? It could be so much worse! Your heart is most definitely in the right place. Good to meet a Catholic with such a heart for Christ and His actual teachings! :)

On the side of the angels said...

Kacee welcome and thank you but I doubt you read my words - I must have been plagiarising someone else :)

Ttony..hence my 'like the' - it's not wrongthink but thinkwrong.
His Holiness Pope Francis is very much accentuating on actual grace and defending us against the threat of donatism - hence his appeals to cease being legalists, isolationists, laodiceans, mystagogues etc...and to reach out and evangelise the world.
But evangelise what? Cease being lukewarm about what? What the hell does pro-Life mean? What is authentic Catholic teaching? [and I'm sorry but have you read Fr Barron's Catholicism & the Word on Fire stuff?]
Res in cardine est!
The Wolves are behaving like lapdogs at present; merely awaiting the opportunity for an unqualified truth to be distorted to lies and for chaos to ensue. Look how John Allen won't let this civil partnership proposal go away - because it's gold-dust to those who want the compromises to flow...

..and I'm sorry but at present His Holiness is acting like the Archbishop of Rome rather than the Successor to Peter.

Curial reform should have begun a month ago...not the first meeting of discussions about the reform announced for October - it's just like the seminary investigations of the 1980s - It's Operation Bullshine meets the Navy Lark meets the Happiest days of your Life. Like giving an embezzler 12mths notice of an audit.

His Holiness was elected due to his pre-conclave evangelical 'reaching out' manifesto; together with his being a third world/americas/'conservative'/'on message' compromise...

The Holy Spirit has called Pope Francis to thwart that policy upon which he was elected - of
"Better behaved business as usual with a 'nicer' pastoral approach to 'inevitable change'!!"

...and he needs wisdom, cunning, humility, charity and above all an obedience to the God and Church he serves.

If he enters the fray against the 'Western mentality' thinking that this is an Hegelian dialectical [materialist] historical struggle
or this war against the Prince of lies is on a different cultural or spiritual battlefront? We're screwed!

Our Lord's prayer of John 17 'that they be one' has never been more appropriate in regards to our two white Bishops who can now cover every square on the chessboard - Pope Francis needs to realise that Pope Benedict - despite coming from an alien culture - understands the crisis in the Church better than any man alive - with that knowing of the other the consequence loving and serving by the other could become invincible and the world will tremble...

But it all depends upon the 'if'.

Ttony said...

Missed the "like the" - sorry - and I agree with much of your reply, but the bottom line is that there is only one Pope, even if he is the first since whenever to have an exPope to help him.

I wrote about this "Bishop of Rome" stuff: I think Benedict began it (giving up title of Patriarch of the West, separating Holy See from Vatican City State etc) and Francis is putting his foot down - and I don't understand it.

Hold on to the fact that Francis is on the phone to Cardinals all over the world all the time, which means the Curia a) isn't taking up his time and b) doesn't know what he's saying. Take heart from the fact that Abp Gaenswein has had to get another German priest into Castelgandolfo as he (Prefect of the Papal Household) is spending more and more time at the Vatican with the Pope.

Above all, don't even begin to think of giving aid and comfort to the Roratarians: I still think it was the business with SSPX and their presumption that sapped Benedict of his physical strength.

Prayer and fasting, prayer and fasting.