Friday, 3 February 2017

Comments made before the publication of Amoris Laetitia

His Holiness is not the head of the Church - He's Christ's Vicar - mandated to uphold, defend and promote apostolic tradition and the sensus fidelium and the precedential magisterial teaching of his forebears in the Petrine office...when it comes to matters of administration and discipline he can do whatever he predecessor can ever bind him in that regard...
When he contravenes that which the Church teaches and refuses to do that which the Church does in creed, code and cult? When he resorts to heteropraxis and espouses material heresy at every turn and even resorts to dismantling Holy Mother Church by undermining its unique identity and dogmatic dignity by seeking to fragment and decentralise and actuate autocephalous national churches with independent authorities to formulate pastoral and doctrinal divergences? [what do you think Synod was really about? Take a look at the small print in Gaudium Evangelii]
We have direct orders from Innocent III & Pius IX
When a Pope through their own ambition or folly seeks to lead the faithful astray?
Ignore him - do not follow him - love him, pray for him, obey him in all things possible which do not contravene one's baptismal duties - but do not follow him....

 On pain of my immortal soul I personally can NEVER judge the sayings or actions of a Pontiff or arbitrarily declare they are heretical or apostatic - nor can anyone be they member of the laity or cleric or religious or Father or Doctor of the Church - ONLY Apostolic Tradition and the dogma/anathemitisations of truly Oecumenical councils & Papal predecessors can objectively adjudicate - if a Papal predecessor sets a doctrinal or moral precedent it becomes magisterial teaching which a Pope is sworn to uphold, defend and promote - when instead he does otherwise and says or does that which is contrary? It is his very predecessors who objectively judge and condemn
eg when Pope St John Paul said the Holy Spirit works in Protestant Faiths to bring about God's Kingdom? That's heresy - it is solely through the benefice's of the Holy Spirit's edification of the One, True, Church that any other faith can work anything [eg the Catholic Church validates Orthodox sacraments - Nobody is ever baptised into anything but the One, true, Church] Mirari Vos of Gregory XVI, Satis Cognitum of Leo XIII, Mortalium Animos of Pius XI etc etc etc
or when Popes John Paul & Francis declare the the Old Covenant was never abrogated? That's not merely heresy it's a lie - I could cite all manner of Church Fathers but I necessarily need Popes to refute this - and for that I have Eugene IV at the council of Florence and Pius XII in Mystici Corporis who say the exact opposite...
Popes bind their successors in faith and morals - they cannot bind in discipline or administration.

Because a Pope binds their successors in faith and morals - they are the binders and looseners who set precedents...
eg Pope St john Paul II BOUND all Successors in regard to women Priests - it is intrinsically ontologically impossible for female ordination - even though Pope Francis said at present that door is closed - in reality there is neither door nor doorway...
For instance after Saturday's apostolic exhortation you're going to hear a lot of heresies and lies bandied about in regard to the sacraments and Grace itself so let's make a few things clear:
God does not command the impossible and always readily provides Sufficient Grace for those in a state of mortal sin to repent of their sin and be absolved in Confession - the sacrament of mercy. The medicine for all who are spiritually sick requiring healing
Nobody need ever sin - nobody need ever stay in a state of mortal sin - all are called to a state of Grace.
Holy communion is NOT a Sacrament of Mercy - it is rather for those upon whom mercy has been bestowed [ie via confession] as a Sacramental Grace in the form of spiritual food - NOT MEDICINE.
You will hear the analogy of the field hospital on the spiritual battlefield and a twisting and misattribution of Holy Communion being part of that healing surgery/medicine - NOT TRUE.
Holy Communion is for the Healthy - for the sick it is like poison as it is unworthily received - it places Christ in a hostile temple.
Therefore all those in a state of mortal sin CANNOT and MUST NOT receive the Blessed Sacrament - but MUST first convert, change their lives, repent and receive absolution - then they are able to receive.
there is NOTHING preventing this - it is not impossible - the Grace is readily available for anyone to repent and be absolved.
BUT if they choose otherwise and prefer for all manner of reasons to reject that grace and remain in mortal sin? They are forbidden from receiving Holy Communion
That's what the Church teaches and commands - the doctrine and the pastoral applications of that doctrine are inextricably linked - you cannot contradict or defy one without scandalising and defying the other.
There is no arbitrary discretion or possible delegation of pastoral authority to determine otherwise - not even God can permit someone in a state of mortal sin to receive Holy communion - let alone a Pope or delegated Bishop or Parish Priest.
Those in mortal sin cannot receive - there is no potential appeal to excusing or tolerating or claiming it is merciful - I repeat - Confession is the bestower of the Grace of Mercy - NEVER Communion.
Although Catholic commentators and media-luvvies and a myriad of professional clerics will inform you this is merely a matter of discipline?
Holy Mother Church s bound to this doctrine and physical pastoral manifestation of this doctrine - to the end of the World.
You might also hear of the delegated internal forum [eg conference, Bishop or parish priest] - or the setting of a pentential period -determining a candidate's worth for reception of Communion.
THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE - ONLY Confession can bestow the Grace of Mercy removing that mortal sin - only metanoia and a firm purpose of amendment can make the peron eligible to receive communion.
You might also hear a perverted distortion of the principle of the sensus fidelium - ie that which the faithful have thought, said and done in the creed code and cult of the church for millennia...
It instead being portrayed as mere modern manifestation of the Catholic zeitgeist's collective democratic will of the the majority want to see changes to Church teaching on homosexuality or contraception being portrayed as the working of the Holy Spirit within the sensus fidelium manifesting the need for change...
You might also hear that in appeal to the principle of subsidiarity a Pope is able to executively delegate as a mere discipline His Petrine power to adjudicate, discern and determine doctrine, morality and their pastoral application to decentralised autocephalous national churches.
[Pope Francis implied as much in Evangelii Gaudium]
There is but One Church, One Faith and one manifest creed, code and cult [in various rites] - that CANNOT be divided or devolved or allowed to become a confederation of autonomous and independent from its centre.
Peter is the sole binder and loosener - he is the Keeper of the Keys - he cannot relinquish or abdicate or delegate that executive authority to others
This is NOT a matter of discipline but the entire manifest ecclesial structure of the Church Militant - it is ONE UNDER PETER.
So if Pope Francis declares any in mortal sin may receive communion - that's a lie and a heresy - if he declares that decision is arbitrary or discretionary in an internal forum or penitential path which does not include absolution in confession? That is also a lie and a heresy.
If he declares that it is impossible for any sinner to repent of their sin now and receive the Sacrament of Mercy in confession now?
That's a heresy against the Sufficient Grace and loving Charity of God known as Gradualism - and a lie saying God commands the impossible when He never does!
and if Pope Francis suggests that this is merely a disciplinary issue which he can arbitrarily determine without his pontfical mandate to uphold all tradition and magisterial teaching and its pastoral enactment? - that's a heresy and a lie
if he suggests such determinations may be made on a localised level through autocephalous Churches? a heresy and a lie
if he or any other suggests any potential initiation of this scandalous sacrilege is through the working of the Holy Spirit or an embodiment of Apostolic tradition or God's will being made known through the collective will of the 'sensus fidelium' ?
More heresies and lies....
So look out over the next few days for the exhortation and any accompanying motu proprio...
Cardinal Muller has already reminded His Holiness what he can and cannot do...
Let's see if His Holiness thinks otherwise...
Because potentially? The roof might be about to cave in!!!

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