Friday, 3 February 2017

Divorced & Remarried reception oc communion

Ok let's get this clear once and for all:
Communion for the Divorced/Remarried automatically argues that they are permitted at any time to remain in that condition of mortal sin rather than repenting and amending their ways.
This also - by default - attempts to justify this position with the enthymeme that it is neither tenable nor possible for them to repent and amend their ways immediately.
That's the Heresy of Gradualism condemned by Church Fathers, by Trent, by Suarez and St John Paul II's familiaris consortio 84.
God does not command the impossible. Therefore nobody need ever remain in a state of mortal sin - it is never impossible for someone to repent - and repent now.
How so? God unceasingly provides the Grace to repent, to amend and to never sin
Magisterial teaching on Sufficient Grace - 2Cor 12:9 "My Grace is Sufficient for you"
So why would the Church argue that a person is not merely allowed to commit mortal sin but may remain in mortal sin with Church endorsement?
Answer: The Church cannot - it's heresy [Suarez actually called it the great heresy against God's Charity]
So please let's stop playng these games...
Pope Francis cannot permit those in mortal sin to receive Holy Communion.
...and the Moment he attempted to say this was even remotely possible...
...would by default require the form of recognition of what the Church has heretofore said and done..and that now HE instead is saying this is not the case and does not need to be done [even if he decentralises and discretionarily delegates such determinations to individual private forums - he would be automatically permitting the possibility]
...and that's not merely material heresy...that becomes formal.
Won't happen.

Ok given we've now had a plethora of Catholic media reports repeating the same falsehoods - it looks like we need to repeat.
Because Pope Francis HAS NO AUTHORITY to change magisterial teaching and the Commandments of Christ.
The Chair of Peter is there to defend the Faith - not to undermine or repudiate it.
The Eucharist CANNOT - indeed MUST NOT - be given 'In Mercy' - not even God Himself can excuse or revoke the mandatory necessity for reception in a state of Grace.
At the crux of this issue is the argument that those who are in this condition of mortal sin cannot repent and amend their lives. - Gradualism
That's heresy - it denies God's constant provision and the continuous availability of sufficient Grace - ie [by default] arguing that God doesn't love us enough to provide us with an always readily available exit from sin - Jansenist fatalism
Ultimately by appealing to this faux-mercy of 'it's too much to expect these sinners to change their ways immediately' is actually -if albeit inadvertently - arguing that not only is this God not very loving or merciful - He's not even God!!???
If His Holiness made ANY attempt to change this fundamental dogmatic position that God most certainly neither commands the impossible nor denies anyone access to sufficient grace to not sin - that would make him a formal heretic - and he would automatically cease to be Pope.

...and in response to anyone who says "He's the Pope and what the Pope says goes!"
Well the Pope says a lot of things... says the man who has just introduced fault-free backdoor divorce into the annulment process... says the man who says active adulterers and fornicators should have a more active participation in the Church through lay ministries and being sponsors and godparents and run apostolates and charities [and thus the canonical proscription forbidding those 'not in good standing; is ignored, defied and left dead in the water] says the man who even had the audacity to permit Synod discussion in regard to the remotest possibility of adamant unrepentent adulterers and fornicators in the state of mortal sin to receive the Blessed Sacrament...and by default deny the dogmatic reality and fundamental Truth of God being absolute Love and Infinite Mercy and Bestower of Sufficient Grace upon all to repent and not sin NOW!!
...but then so says the man who has had the grave effrontery to say Our Lady sinned at the foot of the Cross and Our Lord sinned by running away to teach in the Temple....
Let's get this clear and stop this outrageous category fallacy and downright LIE about the Eucharist being a Sacramental instrument of Mercy available to all grave sinners - Confession is the Sacrament of Mercy readily available to all penitents.
To use the field-hospital analogy that His Holiness so often proffers:
Confession is the cure, the medicine, the operation, the amputation - the Eucharist is a preventative vaccine for the healthy to aid them in their health and avoid their falling ill ONLY AFTER they are in a fit state to receive it - as St Paul reminds us if they are still sick when they receive it it will be like deadly posion to them....
What God has commanded not even He can revoke - He cannot excuse our violation of the Sabbath - He may only forgive.
He cannot excuse our blasphemy or mortal sin or defiant sacrlege of His Most Precious Body & Blood - He may only forgive it...
The Eucharist is Mercy Incarnate - but it is NOT the Sacramental instrument of Mercy and must NEVER be wilfully, formally used in such a way.
God has Bestowed upon us His Sacramental Instruments of Mercy - Baptism & Confession!!!
Now if you or the Pope or a myriad host of Cardinals, Bishops, Priests or laity wish to presume otherwise and defy two thousand years of magisterial teaching and violate , blaspheme and commit sacrilege upon the Blessed Sacrament - and cause all manner of harm upon ignorant, uncatechised sinners by wilfully standing in their way and preventing them access to the Mercy of God in the Confessional - preventing them through lies from changing their lives and repenting and sinning no more and thus have true free access to the Blessed Sacrament as overwhelming grace rather than an indictable toxin?
If you stand in God's, Heaven's and Holy Mother Church's way??!!
God forgive you!!!

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