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Fr Lucie-Smith argues it's Eastern Orthodoxy's ignorance of Catholicism by which is the major barrier to Unity

Oh Come off it please!!?
The majority of Catholics haven't got a clue about Orthodoxy save the odd hastily-forgotten and misconstrued media encounter [eg War & Peace/Doctor Zhivago or a glimpsed news report of Russian/Ukrainian hostilities or a travel programme...and I seriously doubt one Catholic in a hundred was even aware of the recent joint declaration by Pope Francis & the Russian Patriarch.

Nevertheless it doesn't remove the inherent material heresy in virtually every line of the Joint Declaration.
Nor does it excuse the scandalous farcical situation of the vast majority of allegedly informed commentators and clerics not having a clue in regard to the Magisterial teaching and authentic Catholic position on the status of Eastern Orthodoxy and its relation to the Catholic Church.

There is one Church - and irrespective of their Baptism into that Church and their Sacramental validity the Orthodox once achieving the age of reason are NOT in it - they are schismatics - they are NOT a "sister Church" [there's ONE Church] - nor do they share a thousand year common tradition or heritage as they schismatically severed themselves from that tradition in 1054 to form a human-invented cult dissociate from the Successor to Peter - they formed a new
sect destroying and abandoning all ties with their Catholic tradition and falling into apostasy, heresy and disobedient immoral heteropraxis. The ONLY possible unity is their return to the Catholic faith - any notion or concept of unanimity or compromise or recognition of any Orthodox validity is heretical and scandalous to the One, Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church. The Orthodox are not only obliged to return to the Catholic Church they are commanded to do so and the Church is mandated to evangelise them with this message of repentance and conversion - nor are there ANY 'permanent' barriers to their conversion and return - God's Sufficient grace is always readily available for them to return to the Barque of Peter and the Eastern Orthodox are in contumacious error in defiantly refusing this Grace. That's the objective reality and without that Truth in Love in the Person of Christ will we ever be able to resolve this thousand year outrage against Our Lord and Saviour.
Once we face that objective Truth - and only then - can we address the issues subjectively and pastorally on an oecumenical level [remembering the authentic meaning of Oikumene - pertaining to the household [ie how do we get all members of schismatic and heretical cults to return to the fold of the One,True Faith]
We must also recognise that magisterial teaching and directives on oecumenical activities have been ignored, dismissed, scandalously countermanded and defied in recent decades - and led to that which the Church decrees being flagrantly disobeyed throughout the entire Church - including in the 'interfaith' words and actions of Popes.
Magisterial teaching on interaction with other 'faiths' is made absolutely clear in Mirari Vos, Satis Cognitum and Mortalium Animos. The decrees of the Holy Office in regard to oecumenical activities published in the 1940's remain the official directives - and with the bitterest of tragic ironies criminalise almost every oecumenical activity [bar a few notable exceptions eg the Ordinariate] performed within the Church over the past half-century.
Vatican II's Unitatis Redintegratio [not a doctrinal document] pastorally promoted that which is forbidden [it even reaffirms such actions as magisterially proscribed at the beginning of the document then schizophrenically endorses the exact opposite a few paragraphs later.]
Pope St John Paul II flagrantly disobeyed what the Magisterium teaches and commands
with his statements, writings and activities like Assisi and joint-prayer para-liturgies and his flagrant heresies [the Old Covenant never abrogated?!! A Catholic may [in extremis gravis] fulfil their Sunday obligation at an Anglican service?!!] and false recognition of invalid orders.
Pope Francis defies Christ when he
a] spreads dangerous falsehoods about the nature of Judaism [Gaudium Evangelii] and Eastern Orthodoxy [Joint Declaration]
b] allows a Vatican office to forbid specific apostolates and initiatives towards evangelisation and conversion of the Jews.
c] Refuses to reiterate the repeated call of His Papal Predecessors to the Jews to recognise Christ and to the Orthodox to return to the One,True Church
d] Orders a cessation of evangelisation and conversion of the Orthodox
e] Signs a document which heretically refers to 'permanent' obstacles to Catholic/Orthodox 'Unity' - thus denying God's always-available Sufficient Grace to turn away from sin, repent and convert - and being guilty of the heresy of Gradualism
f] When he tells atheists he will make no attempt to convert them.
g] When he directly orders Protestants seeking conversion to Catholicism to instead jeopardise their immortal souls and remain as protestants to become interfaith 'bridge-builders'
h] When he kneels before Protestant ministers to receive their 'blessings'
i] When he refers to any non-Catholic who has been killed for their faith as a martyr [that's solely in God's remit - the Church is absolutely objectively forbidden from ever saying so]
j] when he speaks of islam in contrariety to that which the magisterium declares
k] when he allowed an Imam to pray in the Vatican gardens for the destruction of the infidel [ie all non-muslims]?!!
l] when he rose to his feet to applaud his Rabbi friend who finished a speech calling for the coming of the Messiah.
m] when he categorically objectively assured that ANYONE outside the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church can be guaranteed a place in Heaven - that is solely God's remit.
n] when he tells a Lutheran they may 'conscientiously discern' whether to place themselves before the Lord to receive the Blessed Sacrament as it was beyond his role or competency to adjudicate on such an issue.
o] When he "allowed"/turned a blind eye to Lutherans receiving Holy Communion in the Vatican
p] When he publicly proclaimed he did not believe in a Catholic God
So Father - you're very sadly wrong.
Oecumenical problem number one has NOTHING to do with any outside the Church:
It's those within it - from the very top down - who simply haven't a clue what Christ and His Eternal Church taught and commanded.

What does Unity mean?
Solely within the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
And yes - I heartily concur we should collectively repent pray and fast - for a near 1,000 year scandal which has been aggravated by intensifying Eastern antipathy and departing from orthodox teaching AND in the past half-century by deceptive, duplicitous faux-oecumenism which seeks to recognise the false and validate the impossible.
Only Nixon could go to China
Only Truth - the Person of Christ - preached in Love - can bring the Orthodox home...or have we forgotten what happened at the Council of Florence?

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