Friday, 3 February 2017

On Annulmen "Reform"

Yet again we're being told one thing is happening while the direct opposite is coming into play
Everyone knows the Annulment procedure was larcenously expensive and took far too long - but frankly there have been shameful duplicitous machinations occurring over the past two years.
The wilful decimation of [generally pro-Benedict] middle-management curial staff has led to a massive annulment backlog.
ie an artificial lengthening of the procedure. making demands for intensive shortening more justifiable...
Secondly there has been a major aspect of canonical criminality and counterproductive irrational immorality within the present procedure - the western insistence that a couple obtain a civil divorce before they may enter the annulment process - ie a complicit default reneging upon the marital bond even before it is scrutinised. This automatically places the precedential nature of the bond in one of vulnerability and diminution.
It's wrong - it should be reformed.- while it remains it places a savage indictment upon Holy Mother Church and its bound-duty to serve, uphold and defend the sacraments [ps it's also a criminal offence under section 95 of the 1949 Marriage Act - to remain [potentially - and by default unless the contrary is proven] within a religious marital status while not being civilly married]
Thirdly any potential bond affords the most absolute dignity during any scrutiny - the abolition of the second scrutiny process to accelerate the process now means there are no safeguards - no 'confirmation' by discerning independent experts - merely ONE adjudication - this jeopardises the very fabric of the process and provides preferential treatment towards a declaration of nullity rather than a defence of the bond. - ESPECIALLY within a 45 day timeframe where there is little if any time for research, scrutiny and discernment - this is an abrogation of the responsibilities of all concerned.
Fourthly the 'decentralisation of the process' is no such thing - rather it is a dereliction of ecclesial duty to uphold the mandatory loyalty to Christ and His Church through sincere, devoted intense defence of that which might be in any way sacramental or a valid union - it is fragmentary and divisive - it is protestantising - alienating - and sets up autocracies of diverse arbitrary episcopal whim - where one Bishop might adhere to the procedural regulations another might simply appeal in every instance to 'immaturity and absence of full-cognizance' and provide ostensibly 'divorce on demand' - ie EXACTLY what Cardinals Kasper, Marx et al within Germany were pushing for - NOT the position of Cardinal Muller
Fifthly one is sadly made aware of the mendacious scandal being perpetrated by catholic journalists, spokespeople and commentators in regard to the very nature and validity of marriage under the false presumption of mandatory full catechesis being the sole arbiter of a valid marriage....
To the extent the outrageous comments of Austen Ivereigh on not-so-very "Catholic Voices" where he declared the majority of Catholic marriages were probably invalid due to ignorance and a dearth of Catechesis:
Marriage is a formal reality within the natural law and fabric of reality - its nature is written upon our very created DOES NOT REQUIRE either instruction or divine revelation or experiential knowledge for any individual to become aware of its reality.
The base-line is every human is aware of, knows and understands what marriage is - irrespective of any external influences - for marriage is part of human nature and their formal, material, efficient and final causes.
The normative situation for any human person is that they CANNOT NOT KNOW what marriage is - an indissoluble loving union directed towards a final end of that love overflowing physically and spiritually into procreation and the family for the entire common good.
All marriages via their vows are BY DEFAULT validly made between spouses
Catechesis - although highly advisable and a dereliction if denied or dismissed - IS NOT MANDATORY or in any form a criteria for the valdity of a marriage
For Ivereigh to say the exact opposite - ie that catechesis [or a lack of it] directly validates or invalidates a marriage - is simply NOT TRUE!
[and the as-yet unrevealed ordinary who supervises Catholic Voices should make it clear to Dr Ivereigh and demand a retraction]
Socio-cultural influences, bad example, experiential aberrations - ONLY diminish and shadow the natural law awareness of marriage - it may reduce to the point of diminished responsibility - but it DOES NOT provide an invincible ignorance loophole or opt-out.
marriage is a natural law phenomenon - not a Christian invention - our Lord and His Mystical Body sacramentalised that which already IS - marriage is not something which demands some form of additional criteria of being catechised in order to be validated. The reality of mariage is written upon our souls.
the default position upon marriage is validity - as it is a natural law reality of which every adult of sound mind is aware - only detrimental external forces may impinge and limit this awareness...NOT the other way round.
It certainly looks like this Ivereighesque-revisionism is going to become the generic 'rule of thumb' in annulment adjudications - that virtually every appellant can appeal to immaturity and lack of catechesis therefore an unawareness and incapacity to actually make the vows.
this is not merely a lie - this is absurd - because marriage is a natural law reality - not something requiring external additional teaching or intense catechesis.
Marriage is being eviscerated - the sanctity of the marital bond is being violated.
And duplicitous people for nefarious ends seek to bring in default 'backdoor divorce' into the Church by appealing to the premise that 'everyone is by default ignorant and incapable of making a marriage vow - unless intensively informed about marriage'
Dr Ivereigh and any who hold or promote his position should apologise to the hundreds of millions of VALIDLY married Catholics across the globe.
Finally the major problem IS NOT the laity's ignorance on the legality. validity, sacramentality, canonicity or nullity of a marriage - it's CLERICAL IGNORANCE.
Over the decades I have encountered many instances of abject ignorance and the promulgating of both misinformation and disinformation not merely among parish priests/curates in regard to marriage - but the actual diocesan tribunals themselves supposed to be informed arbiters - to the extent i had to inform in separate instances a Canonical Judge and an annulment administrator regarding the nature of clandestinity and Ne Temere and matrimonia mixta - in multiple instances i have seen priests refusing to marry those who were eligible [on clandestinity grounds] - permitting those who required dispensations and adjudications and formal documentation to prove their single status to go through a marriage ceremony without such evidence. I have seen couples spend years going through lengthy annulment procedures when any such process was absolutely unnecessary as a previous marriage didn't formally exist in the first place - let alone potentially! i have seen women forced into marriage by parents due to pregnancy being forced to go through lengthy annulment procedures because their parents weren't alive to confirm this - and all this was due to the dereliction of duty of clerics to be informed and responsible in their sacramental duties.
p.s. Where are any children involved - and the mandatory inalienable corresponding duties/responsibilities to them - mentioned in any of this?

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