Friday, 3 February 2017

On assisted suicide

Where pray tell is the logic in someone who is alive wishing to die?
come on - please tell me?
Why should someone wish to cease to exist?
Mental stress and anxiety? that can be relieved
Physical pain? analgesia can remedy that
Feeling that they're a burden? big deal! what difference does that make?
What are families and carers and clinicians there for? to ease that burden and to acknowledge that that person is NEVER merely a burden....
Feeling useless or incapacitated and that life is not worth living in their physical condition? that's a lie - and nobody should give it any due consideration - life is always worthwhile - especially when one experiences young children with the most severe of incapacities and disabilities and illnesses and learning difficulties going through all manner of trauma and struggle merely to stay alive...
I have absolutely NO TIME WHATSOEVER for those who wish to give up on life and abandon their families....
I can understand the mentally ill committing suicide..
but I have absolutely NO RESPECT for anyone who wishes to give up living for any reason whatsoever - no reason is ever justifiable - it isn't.
suicide is not merely wrong - it's the ultimate evil
a murderer kills one person - a suicide murders everyone
a suicide declares to every aspect of creation "you're not worth living for" - they spit on everyone and everything - on everything good and true and beautiful..on every hope and memory - they selfishly curse the cosmos
No wonder in centuries past they buried suicides away from everyone else or at crossroads because there is something utterly anti-human - anti-creation - anti-reason - not merely evil but absolutely anti-good in suicide...
You can appeal to this so-called "dying with dignity"
Well there is only truly living with dignity until a natural death
BUT ANYONE who accelerates that natural death is a murderer
And for a person to murder themselves - freely with full volition??!!
It's just pure concentrated evil...
You might think me ridiculous and over-dramatic
but suicide is THE ultimate crime...

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