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When a Priest lectures on Unity among the Churches...

There is ONE Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church - and all validly baptised Christians in full competence above the age of reason who are not Catholics - are NOT in it - but are schismatics.
There is no such thing as another Church or a Sister Church or whatever you wish to designate with a predicate 'Church' indicating anything other than there being ONE TRUE CHURCH
[Florence, Trent etc etc etc Mirari Vos, Satis Cognitum etc etc etc]
We are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from engaging in joint worship services.
[Pius XI Mortalium Animos]
We are also forbidden from praying together or praying with - but permitted to pray among and alongside [the Assisi 3 criteria]
ANY Prayer for Christian Unity [in congruency with John 17] demands that every baptised repents, converts and returns to the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church - that is the ONLY permissible and recognisable Unity.
Oecumenical literally means 'Household issues" ie what solely relates to the Catholic Church - and Oecumenism therefore means OUR Mission to evangelise and convert baptised non-Catholics [ie those who are absolutely our responsibility being baptised though schismatic] and guarantee their return to the fold...
It's OUR REMIT - nobody else's
It has absolutely nothing to do with any other community or sect or cult
And we are not there to dialogue, or compromise, or negotiate or 'faith-share' or 'experience-share' - we are there to convert!
That is the only message of sincerity and authenticity - the real Truth in Love .
..and the only way we can possibly engage in any activity with other religions is to make it absolutely clear to them that although we love them and respect them - we do not give their heresy, heterodoxy, heteropraxy and untruths any credence or respect whatsoever - and absolutely seek to inform, instruct, evangelise and convert anyone and everyone.
Hasn't it possibly occurred to you that all these 'interfaith service' activities ultimately proved fruitless and hollow was because they were grounded in insincerity and ultimately deceit?
Anglican protean 1000-masked relativism might hoodwink the many UNTIL the unacceptable is accepted [or have you been at an oecumenical service where the baptists blow a gasket because of reference to Our Lady as the Mother of God and Methodists storm out when a vicar dares to commence a prayer for the dead of the community?!! Ever been at an 'interfaith' Justice & Peace group where a stand up fight commences because the Catholics say abortion, euthanasia and population control are evil yet individual christian groups think one or more of those ethical issues are acceptable? ]
Now yes OF COURSE food banks, drop in centres, counselling resources, cafes, soup kitchens, homeless shelters etc will thrive and survive and be successful amongst the religious groups - they're natural law obligations on every human being to their neighbour irrespective of their credal position...
...and yes they might indirectly lead to interaction between those of differing faiths and none WHILST they are engaged in a mutual activity.
BUT - what in the name of all sanity has that to do with oecumenism?
Maybe the oecumaniacs with dialogue-fixation and faux interfaith group-hug initiatives need to go back to the drawing board?
...and I say this coming from a family of Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Atheists, Evangelicals, Buddhists and Jews.
...and coming from a town with nearly a century's history of Catholic vs Protestant antagonism which became integrated reconciliation simply by getting on with life, interacting in family and the community and the workplace and recognising 'a man's a man for all that'

In the Mystical Body of Christ there is no such thing as 'hair splitting' - any who refuse to accept any part defy and deny the whole.
...and [thank God] personal opinion has nothing to do with any of this.
...and given our creational mandate is to know, love and serve God - the revealed Truth of the Trinity is one of most - if not THE most - important Truth of them all - for it reveals the very nature of Love itself - entire eternal self-giving and receiving.

So what's with this 'fraternal dialogue' and discussion as if this were a series of diplomatic negotiations and compromises and 'mutual reconciled understandings,?
Let's make this clear from the Start - The Second Vatican Council was a PASTORAL Council - and seeing it did not seek to formulate doctrine or anathematise anti-doctrinal positions it cannot technically be considered as an Oecumenical council per se - rather moreso an extraordinary pastoral council - and anything within which that is contrary to Apostolic tradition, the sensus fidelium and established doctrine via magisterial teaching IS NOT TO BE, CANNOT BE, MUST NOT BE Doctrinalised on false grounds of being considered the authentic understanding or teaching of the Church.
Pope St John XXIII & Bl Pope Paul VI made this irrefutably clear - this council was a set of considerations and reflections on ESTABLISHED DOCTRINE upon which ALL PASTORAL PRAXIS must be engaged. Cardinal Pericle Felici the council co-ordinator reminds us of this fact in Lumen Gentium note #8; Pope Paul repeated this at two subsequent Angelus addresses - Vatican II was pastoral.
Therefore anything which was innovative, ambiguous, contra-doctrinal or inadvertently materially heretical did not countermand or supersede established doctrine or magisterial teaching upon this doctrine or pastoral directives in actuating this teaching.
...and the same goes for anything uttered by Pope St John Paul II when he sought to invent new doctrines or doctrinalise the pastoral reflections of Vatican II
- ESPECIALLY REGARDING THE NATURE OF OTHER FALSE RELIGIONS [and our moral, evangelical and pastoral duty towards them] - or sought to impose on Divine Revelation or Apostolic tradition innovations grounded upon the principle that we could change with the seasons and the times:
Dei Verbum
#8: “This tradition of the Apostles develops in the Church with the help of the Holy
Spirit. For there is a growth in understanding the realities and the words
which have been handed down. This happens through the contemplation and study
made by believers who treasure these things in their hearts, through the
intimate understanding of spiritual things they experience, and through the
preaching of those who have received through Episcopal succession the sure gift
of truth. For as the centuries succeed one another, the Church constantly moves
toward the fullness of divine truth until the words of God reach their complete
fulfilment in her.”
This is material heresy - and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI concurs and has repeatedly expressed that position over the last 50yrs - it's not true! Doctrine develops in that it clarifies and unfolds - it does not change or become innovative - irrespective of this - the majority of St John Paul's meandering phenomenological reflections amounted to illiative improper secondary deductions from revelation - which are proscribed from ever being considered dogmatic and therefore only quasi-doctrinal where they irrefutably adhere to tradition and the sensus fidelium - they're only ever classified as mere Church understanding [eg Limbo or Spe Salvi variants] [Salmanticenses 124]
To quote Fr Gregory Hesse [after Aquinas's "Later Analytics"]:
"No. The Church is in possession of the full truth. The Church cannot approach truth. Tradition does not change due to the pondering of believers and their experiences make no difference to truth. The only growth is in the deepening of the understanding.
St. Vincent of Lerins: “There is a deepening of the understanding of the truth but in the same sense and in the same judgement”.
You cannot change doctrine because of some “better understanding”.
Therefore when it comes to Oecumenism?
I could very well go through all the material heresies, the doctrinal discrepencies, the dangerous ambiguities and the misattributions of potentialities as actualities within the Vatican II documents and the subsequent extrapolations under Pope St John Paul II
But let's face reality:
Calling for Christian Unity in itself is scandalous and heretical - The One Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church IS UNITY - it already exists - outside its auspices it can never exist.
You wish to be truly Oecumenical?
Read what the Church truly teaches and commands:

And as for the revisionism that the East was in charge and Rome a mere dark ages backwater until the Great Schism [with the accompanying false allegation that we arbitrarily unjustifiably imposed the Filioque] 
Rome was the boss from the very beginning - even through all the time it was a non-entity and politically controlled by Eastern behemoths...Roma Locuta Est - semper!
As for this so-called unilateral imposition of the Filioque - there IS NO lateral - Rome IS the sole arbiter - the sole binder and loosener!
PLUS the Filioque is intrinsically fundamental and axiomatic to the Christological Creeds..
The Orthodox don't comprehend their intrinsic irrationality which refutes Exodus "I am who AM" and the Thomistic/Aristotelian priciple of God as Pure Act - No Potential - the Orthodox have two Choices
a] A God holism whereby neither the Son nor the Spirit are God - they are instead created minor Godlets brought into being by some sort of Divine Mitosis - that's the Arian and Pneumatomachian heresies - or
b] if the Holy Spirit does not proceed from the Father AND the Son then God is not God - the Father would only ever be Potentially God as He would eternally need to increase to supply the Procession - the Holy Spirit would be an eternal conduit being filled by the Father and draining itself into the Son and thus Never God - and the Son would always be merely Potentially God - increasing in His Reception of what the Holy spirit can provide from the Father - it's absurd in the utmost!!!

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